Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Quick bike ride + cute kids

The warm weather stopped by mid-Missouri again today - low 70s.  It must have been brought in by that south wind (14 mph according to Weather Channel).  Boy could I feel that wind tonight.  Husband ran off to work, kids were playing with their cousins and I snuck out to get in a quick bike ride.  Almost bailed, but I really would have felt guilty for skipping it when the weather turns cool again in another day or so.  So just 8 miles in my usual area - threw in three decent hills to make it interesting.  I was huffing and puffing a little on them.  Maybe I can blame the lingering congestion from last week's bug, but truthfully - I'm always winded on hills.  No blistering speed here - it took me 45 minutes or so to do the lousy 8 miles.  But better than nothing.

Especially given the crazy amount of candy these two cute trick-or-treaters brought home.  My little cowgirl and my soldier. 

The week before we carved these pumpkins while daddy was at work. The pumpkins looked kind of icky last night and got tossed today.

Since I swam Monday and biked today, I guess tomorrow will be a run day.  Unfortunately, my other workout is house cleaning.  Ugh!

This evening while little one was at Brownies, I returned the older one's tackle football gear and then ran into JCP to look at athletic wear (newbie status means I don't have much).  I had a coupon for $10 off.  I scored on an Adidas running jacket on clearance and a "Tokyo green" tech tee that was 40% off - all for $25!  Yay me!  Still need to find something I can wear cycling in the cool weather, but this should cover me for a little longer on my walk/run.

Hope everyone is resisting the giant piles of candy that may have invaded their house this week.  I did pretty good today - only one peanut butter cup and one small snickers. 


  1. Nice job on the ride. And don't totally discount the effect of the bug either. I'm noticing that even a minor cold really does affect my training until it's totally gone.

  2. I hate wind so much when I am riding but around here it is par for the course. Congrats on conquering your ride.

    Good luck with the run today.

    Great lookin' costumes for the kiddos!

  3. Nashbar.com is the TJ Maxx or Ross of cycling stores, and just like TJ Maxx you have to hunt and pray you find your size