Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Are you suitably stuffed from all the good food today?  Have you spent sufficient time being grateful for all of the ways your life is blessed?  Did you spend the day surrounded by family or friends?  Did you get in a good trot (walk/jog/run) for turkey or pie?  I hope all your Thanksgiving dreams came true and it was the best day ever!

I slept in a little, but finally crawled out of bed to throw on my clothes and meet Alyssa at her house and then picked up Stacy to head to the Jeff City Road Runners Club Pie Run.  We walked around a little to warm up, but the weather was in the 40's so not bad at all.  The 10K'ers took off first followed by the 5K runners.  I convinced Alyssa to run the first 2 min and then walk a few.  She didn't want to run as much as I did, but I had just as hard of a time keeping up with her when we were walking.  So we'd run here and there, but mostly walked.  Toward the end I convinced her to pick up the pace to pass the 1st grader and his dad that were just ahead of us (his 2nd grade brother and mom had already finished - grr).  I dropped Alyssa in the final 0.2 miles when I could see the race clock was at about 40 min and I wanted to be below my 42 min from October.  I will have to wait until they post the chip times, but I think I came in just under and set a new PR by like a minute.  Took a quick pic with a couple other moms from our school (L-R: Stacy, Alyssa, me, Stephanie and Susan):

Had to head back home pretty quickly to get ready for the day.  We headed down to Freeburg and met up with my husband's extended family.  We had a fantastic meal (I only loaded one plate, one bowl and one dessert plate).  The kids all played - outside and in the gym.  It was sunny and warmish (50-60).  My son was sweating from running around with his cousins.  LOVE IT!  The girls did art projects and shot baskets in the gym and played tetherball outside.  So nice to see all of the uncles and a lot of the cousins, and their kids.  I didn't get the final count, but I'm guessing it would be around 45-50 as the cafeteria tables were pretty full during the meal. 

My mother-in-law is the lady smiling on the left, the two men on her side of the table, two across the table and one standing on the right with his hand by his neck are ALL her brothers (she is the baby - missing was her oldest sibling, a sister that lives in St. Louis that didn't come):

Got home and my husband convinced me to go for a walk.  We just did our usual couple of mile loop.  But a nice to offset at least a little of the food I had.  I'm not sure if broccoli rice casserole or green bean casserole have enough vegetables to count as HBBC points, but I did have a bowl of coleslaw with a nice vinegar/oil dressing that probably did.  Not bad on the whole.  At least I didn't try to pretend pumpkin butter cake was a produce point!  LOL

Today there was so much to be thankful for:

- 5k races in late November without any sleet or snow
- running races with friends (especially ones that remember to take a pic)
- mashed potatoes
- pumpkin butter cake
- extended family coming from KY, KS, and all over MO to be together
- church/school cafeteria, gym and playground (rented for free to a big family that doesn't fit anywhere else for Thanksgiving)
- quiet walks with my husband watching a beautiful sunset

Happy Thanksgiving!  Gobble Wobble!


  1. Sounds like a perfect Thanksgiving!

  2. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving