Monday, November 28, 2011

Late Sun Exercise + MMNW

Of course after I posted last night, Stacy called and asked if I wanted to work out.  Ugh - no, not really.  But I had vowed when we started getting together not to turn her down unless I had a really good reason and I didn't, so I said OK.  She brought Alyssa with her and we got in a little over an hour of cardio last night just before I tucked kiddos into bed.  We did a workout DVD for about half the time and then Just Dance 2 the other half.  I was sweating!  Always nice to get some unexpected HBBC points.  Also kept me from really eating much else as I was just too busy.  I did drink a fair bit of water though.

And because I brought it up yesterday, I did the Monday Morning Naked Weight (MMNW).  I've never been ashamed to admit this before, but I am a little now.  It was 181.4.  Gotta face the truth!  It is still way better than the 213 I was on 1/1/11.  But still so far from the 165 I'm shooting for by April.  It is only about a pound up since last Wednesday so I guess I should be happy that Thanksgiving and going out for my husband's birthday didn't derail me more.  But I have seen 179 recently and I liked that "7".  Going to see if next MMNW can have a "7" again.

Lots of work to do today.  Better suck it up and get going on it.  Long day with a 7 PM Board of Aldermen meeting tonight where all that is on the agenda is my work for this client. 


  1. I wish I had workout partners

  2. Hey, great job losing 30+ since January! Not gaining much over the holidays is a mini-win and in my opinion, you have to "live" (be able to not count calories all the time) too or you won't stick with it. Keep making smart choices most of the time and working out and 165 is definitely attainable.