Saturday, January 25, 2014

I could be an IM!

If they gave me 25 days to do the distance, I could totally be an Ironman!  LOL  With even a little to spare.  Thanks to Jamie and Michele for leading the way with the January 140.6 challenge.  Even with school carnival/chili supper, archery tournament, and the unending pile of laundry that I faced today, I knocked out the final 10.6 miles of my iron journey for this month.  Here are my current totals:

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike =113.6 mi
Run = 31.25 mi
Strength workouts = 8

A friend texted me this morning and was looking for a run partner for tomorrow so the plan is for about 4 miles.  She was discussing a pace that is on the edge of my abilities so I told her I would do my best to keep up with her.  I suggested my neighborhood (relatively flat) to have some hope of hanging in.

Now off to shower and curl up with my new Runner's World magazines!  Yay!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Iron January - Continuing the STREAK

My workout streak is staying alive.  And I continue to press towards finishing the 140.6 January Challenge.  If all goes well, I should wrap up the bike mileage this weekend between the kids' archery tournament, school chili supper and school carnival.  I think may have also agreed to have another teenage boy in my home Saturday night.  Oh well - probably won't see much of him and my son once they turn on the PS3.

1/20/14 - MMNW was still up 167.2.  I can't seem to be back into the lower 160's range that I was so solidly in this time last year.  Turning 40?  Or just lazy eating?  Brisk 2 mile walk with husband to wrap up the required "run" mileage. 

1/21/14 - Went to the healthplex with the whole family.  Technically my daughter can't use the facility for 2 more months (when she turns 10), but they allow her to walk the track with us.  So she and I knocked out two quick miles (practicing her state capitol information for the Midwest states - talk about multitasking!).  Then she walked some more with her dad and brother while I did my weights.  It is great to be role models to our kids about living a healthy lifestyle.  Wish I did a better job modeling healthy eating!

1/22/14 - Spent the morning dealing with mother-in-law stuff.  Went to lunch with my husband and it seemed like no time went by before it was time to pick kids up from school.  Not sure where the day went.  Took daughter to scouts and then came home to jump on the trainer.  Thanks to a sweet husband that went to pick her up, I got in 15 miles!  Yay!

1/23/14 - Super cold wind chills so Susan and I had to hit our respective treadmills.  I went to the healthplex as soon as I dropped the kids off at school.  I warmed up with a super easy 1.25 mile walk and then did my weights/abs before heading back over for another 1.75.  But I only did a little running since my body has been feeling a little beat up.  Got just enough sweat on to feel like I had really done something. 

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike = 92.5 mi
Run = 31.25 mi
Strength workouts = 8

Almost there!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Cruising towards finishing 140.6 in January

Swim miles - DONE!!  Working hard to get in some bike time (and am feeling it in my legs).  One brisk walk or quick run to be done with run miles.  This last week was busier and I didn't get to the gym as much as I did the week before. 

1/15/12 - 10.00 miles on trainer before, during and after "Arrow" (fun TV show to watch with my son) while husband was at his meetings.

1/16/14 - Swam 1.22 mi after long day of finishing sewer plans.

1/17/14 - Was hoping to run with Susan, but the wind and cold temps were just too insane.  She went to the Y and I went to the healthplex.  I knocked out a mile on the treadmill, started my weight lifting, did another half mile while waiting on some equipment, did a few more exercises and then another 2.5 miles on the treadmill for total of 4 miles and strength workout.  Enjoyed breakfast with Susan and she finally got to give me my Christmas present which was a "Badass Mother Runner" headband and "Another Mother Runner" water bottle.

1/18/14 - Full day of laundry, errands, taking my girl to the movies, etc.  But squeezed in 8.6 miles (give or take - Garmin was dead and had to estimate) of easy miles on the bike trainer.

1/19/14 - Gone all day at basketball tournament, but husband took the kids to evening archery practice so I could get in 11 moderate miles on my bike trainer.

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike = 77.5 mi
Run = 24.25 mi
Strength workouts = 6

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And the streak continues...

I'm hanging in there.  Still getting in some kind of workout every day.  Sometimes it is a bit of a juggle.  Sometimes I procrastinate the day away even when we are having freakishly warm January temperatures only to squeeze it in just before dark (or even just before bedtime).  But my workout streak that I started on Thanksgiving Day (that was helped along by the HBBC), continues strong.  Go me!

Apparently I am way behind in posting about my workouts.  I did Kiley at Daily Vitamin F's New Year's 5K (by getting on the trainer for 5.03 miles before the New Year's Eve party and then enjoying a relatively warm - 40ish degree - run of 3.25 miles on New Year's Day before temps crashed that night and we got snow).  I joined a January challenge to do a 140.6 over the month of January on Facebook led by Jamie at and Michele at  So that 3.25 miles was also the kickoff of those workouts.

1/1/14 - New Year's 5K+ (3.25 mi)
Christmas decorations all taken down before the snow came and while it was still sunny!

Definitely feeling the late night - slow pace, but got the miles in regardless

1/2/14 - We had a snowstorm that extended our Christmas break by one lazy snow day so after a Netflix marathon with my daughter all day, I jumped on the trainer for 7.6 miles of biking.

1/3/14 - Squeezed in a quick COLD, but brisk, 2 mile walk with husband before we headed out to watch Mizzou win the Cotton Bowl at a friend's house.
Crazy game, but fun to watch while hanging out with fellow Mizzou alum
1/4/14 - Spent the day moving mother-in-law from assisted living apartment to Alzheimers facility.  We thought it would be closer to a year - not 4 months.  But the day after Christmas she tried to "walk home" because no one would come get her to "take her home from work".  So we moved her to a smaller facility with lockdown.  A quick 2 mile walk with my husband was all this tired girl had left in her.

1/5/14 - When my daughter's basketball tournament got snowed out (8" with a ton of wind drifting it even deeper in other areas), I took the opportunity to get in some trainer miles - 11 to be exact.

1/6/14 - Bitter sub-zero temps and tons of snow had school canceled again.  But my husband wasn't to be deterred from getting in a workout at our new gym.  And feeling guilty about staying in my warm bed, I drug my butt out the door with him.  We were only the 10th people to show up on that nasty day!  But we got in our reps on the weights and then I knocked out 3 miles on the treadmill.
I was not impressed with the fact this dropped 2 more degrees on the way to the gym

1/7/14 - Daughter had basketball practice at a church about a block from our new gym so my husband and I headed over to do weights and then I knocked out 3 miles on the treadmill.  Go me!

1/8/14 - My husband started dinner and I jumped on the trainer to get in 11.65 miles.  Yay for supportive spouses!
On the trainer in my garage (ie. "pain cave")
1/9/14 - Had to squeeze in a trip to the gym between work and going to a meeting for the kids' archery team.  But we got in weights and 2.5 miles!

1/10/14 - Knocked off work in time to head over to the ARC and hit the pool for 2200 yards!  I felt it too!  This was a tough workout after slacking in the pool most of the last several months.

1/11/14 - We knew we'd be out of town at our daughter's basketball tournament all day so we got up early and hit the gym for a strength session and 2.5 miles on the treadmill.

1/12/14 - Our day was full with getting up super early for a basketball tournament game out of town (daughter), then coming back and taking care of some stuff at home before going to the archery tournament that was here in town (both kids), then back home to work on some other things (plus some laziness) and my day almost got away from me. 

My girl on D
Just as we went into OT - tied at 12! Lost heartbreaker 12-14
Two tournaments in one weekend - first archery tournament (blonde with purple bow mid pic)

My son in blue with back to us mid pic during archery tournament
The weather was freakishly warm, but the wind was insane (30+ mph).  The roads have a lot of grit and salt on them with the recent storms so I didn't even consider taking the road bike off the trainer.  Instead I headed out on my mountain bike.  I often forget how freaking heavy that thing is.  How did I ever ride it regularly when I first started this crazy journey?  Anyway, my son has been riding it as he outgrew his bike and I think he and his dad may have played with the fit because I felt completely awful on it the whole time (never mind I was hating the wind).  It was approaching dusk as I finished my 9.55 miles.
Almost waited too long - can see moon rising just over my shoulder
1/13/14 - My husband started a new job this day and didn't get off work until 4:30.  Thankfully, it is only about 10 min from home and I was changed and ready to go to the gym when he got here.  So we snuck in a strength session plus 2 miles on the treadmill before rushing home to get son to Scouts.

1/14/14 - Kids had early release, but time still flew as I tried to get them to do homework before running daughter to piano lesson, hit the car wash, picked her up, came home and made spaghetti for dinner, snarfed that up so we could get to Girl Scouts (fire station tour plus first aid stuff) and then home for a quick 8.1 miles on the bike trainer before shower/bed.

Almost halfway through the month and my mileage is looking ok.  I'm proud that I've been getting in some weight lifting when normally strength work isn't high on my priority list.  I know this will help with injury prevention, etc. Going to have to ramp up bike work.

Swim = 1.25 mi
Bike = 47.9 mi
Run = 20.25 mi
Strength workouts = 5

Monday, January 6, 2014

Year in Review - 2013

I found it a little depressing reviewing last year's goals/resolutions.  I set the bar fairly high and had a wide range of goals.  I think I learned one really certain thing about myself this year - I can set one big hairy ass goal and achieve it, but I don't tend to do well with lots of smaller goals.  So I think for my year in review post, I'm going to focus on all of the things that I did accomplish. So to look back at a year that was full of some pretty great stuff:

January - Attempted first half marathon.  Being a cheapskate who has what SuperKate calls FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I tackled a grass-roots trail race at night in the sleet: Shivering Icy Trail Race (SHITR).  I failed to finish in these miserable conditions, but it remains my longest run (or slow miserable trudge) to date: 11.9 miles!

February - Team Virtus helped kick off the month with the SuperCentury on Super Bowl Sunday - though I didn't attempt 100 miles on my bike that day.  I still got in a long workout and it was fun tweeting back and forth throughout the time.

March - Had a great trip to Nebraska to see friends and colleagues at the SWE Region I conference.  I also had another great St. Pat's 5K with my girl.  She really is on the verge of outrunning me!

April - Completed another duathlon, a fun 5K with my daughter and Team Virtus friends, and reminded myself yet again that gravel sucks (and I can't keep up with my strong biker friends).

May - I started the month volunteering at Cedar Cross which was a total blast (even if wicked cold).  The same weekend I completed my first pool triathlon at TriZou (and froze my knees on the 40 degree bike ride).  I also had my worst bike crash to date on Mother's Day weekend after which I dug gravel out of my elbow for a week.

June - June 1st I attempted my first bike century finishing 85 miles when flooded roads and tornado winds the night before precluded the full route.  Ended the month with our first full week family vacation ever - a wonderful time in Branson.

July - I repeated the only race I've done 3 times - Show Me State Games tri.  I was a little disappointed that my time didn't improve more, but finishing is still a pretty big deal for me.

August - Turning 40 had me a little out of sorts, but spending the night before my birthday doing a trail race with Susan (and choosing the shorter route this year!) made it a little better.

September - Had a blast with my entire family at the Epic Mud Run.  I am regularly reminded that my daughter will soon be a better athlete than me and my son may always feel a little about exercise like I do (that it is a bit of a chore).  But fun, mud and family are a great combination!

October - Finally achieved my BHAG of the year with the Ride the Rivers Century checked off my list!  It started cold, but the sun warmed us up and finding someone to ride the final 25 miles with really made the difference in my outlook even as the wind had me wanting to chuck my bike into the Mississippi River.

November - My trip to AZ to visit friends and enjoy the beautiful weather was a much needed recharge of my mental batteries even as I spent each day hiking and sight-seeing.  I came home appreciating my family and my marriage in a whole new way.  Ended the month with a fun Pie Run on Thanksgiving with my sister where I ran an entire 5K without walking!

December - Weather canceled out the Jingle Bell Run in Columbia, but XLMIC helped get me out the door with her JB Hell virtual race (twice due my inability to read dates) while Kiley at Daily Vitamin F got me going on Christmas Eve/Day and New Years Eve/Day with her Holiday Virtual Race series.  And once again, Amanda at Run to the Finish and her Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge kept me moving.  These all played into my final goal of keeping up a workout streak through the end of the year (which is still going btw).  Even when I was getting a sore throat or tired from dealing with Christmas stuff, I managed to squeeze in a couple mile walk or half hour on the bike trainer or something!  Super proud of this!

I kind of got out of the habit of updating my swim, bike, run totals a couple months ago, but have written down enough information to go back and add it all up.  So....drum roll final totals for 2013 are:

Swim = 12.4 miles
Bike = 1360.2 miles
Run (including some walking/hiking miles) = 318.9

Solid numbers with nothing to be ashamed about.  Just not as high as I had hoped either.  Now to contemplate my 2014 goals.