Monday, January 20, 2014

Cruising towards finishing 140.6 in January

Swim miles - DONE!!  Working hard to get in some bike time (and am feeling it in my legs).  One brisk walk or quick run to be done with run miles.  This last week was busier and I didn't get to the gym as much as I did the week before. 

1/15/12 - 10.00 miles on trainer before, during and after "Arrow" (fun TV show to watch with my son) while husband was at his meetings.

1/16/14 - Swam 1.22 mi after long day of finishing sewer plans.

1/17/14 - Was hoping to run with Susan, but the wind and cold temps were just too insane.  She went to the Y and I went to the healthplex.  I knocked out a mile on the treadmill, started my weight lifting, did another half mile while waiting on some equipment, did a few more exercises and then another 2.5 miles on the treadmill for total of 4 miles and strength workout.  Enjoyed breakfast with Susan and she finally got to give me my Christmas present which was a "Badass Mother Runner" headband and "Another Mother Runner" water bottle.

1/18/14 - Full day of laundry, errands, taking my girl to the movies, etc.  But squeezed in 8.6 miles (give or take - Garmin was dead and had to estimate) of easy miles on the bike trainer.

1/19/14 - Gone all day at basketball tournament, but husband took the kids to evening archery practice so I could get in 11 moderate miles on my bike trainer.

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike = 77.5 mi
Run = 24.25 mi
Strength workouts = 6

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