Thursday, January 23, 2014

Iron January - Continuing the STREAK

My workout streak is staying alive.  And I continue to press towards finishing the 140.6 January Challenge.  If all goes well, I should wrap up the bike mileage this weekend between the kids' archery tournament, school chili supper and school carnival.  I think may have also agreed to have another teenage boy in my home Saturday night.  Oh well - probably won't see much of him and my son once they turn on the PS3.

1/20/14 - MMNW was still up 167.2.  I can't seem to be back into the lower 160's range that I was so solidly in this time last year.  Turning 40?  Or just lazy eating?  Brisk 2 mile walk with husband to wrap up the required "run" mileage. 

1/21/14 - Went to the healthplex with the whole family.  Technically my daughter can't use the facility for 2 more months (when she turns 10), but they allow her to walk the track with us.  So she and I knocked out two quick miles (practicing her state capitol information for the Midwest states - talk about multitasking!).  Then she walked some more with her dad and brother while I did my weights.  It is great to be role models to our kids about living a healthy lifestyle.  Wish I did a better job modeling healthy eating!

1/22/14 - Spent the morning dealing with mother-in-law stuff.  Went to lunch with my husband and it seemed like no time went by before it was time to pick kids up from school.  Not sure where the day went.  Took daughter to scouts and then came home to jump on the trainer.  Thanks to a sweet husband that went to pick her up, I got in 15 miles!  Yay!

1/23/14 - Super cold wind chills so Susan and I had to hit our respective treadmills.  I went to the healthplex as soon as I dropped the kids off at school.  I warmed up with a super easy 1.25 mile walk and then did my weights/abs before heading back over for another 1.75.  But I only did a little running since my body has been feeling a little beat up.  Got just enough sweat on to feel like I had really done something. 

Swim = 2.47 mi
Bike = 92.5 mi
Run = 31.25 mi
Strength workouts = 8

Almost there!

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  1. Great job on the workouts! You are killing it!