Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Not rained out

Woke up to a pretty steady, cold rain.  Thought my chances of going out for a walk/jog were pretty slim as I am a weather wimp.  But later in the morning (after I had gotten my heart rate up behind the vacuum and scrubber sponge - HBBC points for that?), the rain stopped and it made it up to about 50°.  It was kind of windy and still very overcast, but when my friend Alyssa suggested a walk/jog (to try out whether we should walk or walk/jog the pie run on Thur), I couldn't refuse.  After getting our schedules jived for a late lunch, I met her at her office downtown and we did about a 4 mile loop (depending on if you believe MapMyRide or Alyssa's car odometer).  It had a few hills.  We did jog part of it, but not much.  And our walking pace declined significantly on recovery from the run portion.  So she (and I) aren't so sure we accomplish anything by trying to run.  I guess we'll see if I (mostly me anyway) get caught up in the race fever and run part of Thursday's race (which let's face it, the only way I'll get a pie is through a door prize drawing).  But we will go to the pre-registration tomorrow night (to save $5).  So there you go.  Another 5k will be behind me and I have someone to do it with.  I think Stacy is doing it too, but she is way faster than me.  Alyssa and I are pretty evenly matched. 

So far I haven't squeezed in any produce (except maybe tomato soup - trying to figure out if it counts), but I'll head to the store as soon as the kiddos get home.  Maybe I can convince them to go for chinese tonight where I can get some veggies in.  And after the trip to the store, there will be some fruit in the house that doesn't live in a can.

I'm hoping to make it to Columbia tomorrow.  I have some work to do up there and I want to go swim.  YMCA membership will hopefully be secured in the next week or so.  I think it will be fun to go there as a family.  Hope I can get my son more interested in being active.


  1. Sounds like fun that you have someone to do the race with! :) Have a great one!

  2. Doing races with friends make them so much more enjoyable but don't be afraid to split up in the middle if one of you is having a good day. Happy Thanksgiving!

    pS: I believe the run bits help especially in the long term.