Monday, November 14, 2011

Another 5K+ and Toning

Work was a bit insane and I didn't even get to one project that needed to be done today.  So even though I went to Columbia, I didn't get my swim in.  Such is life sometimes.  I'll probably go back up on Thursday so I'll plan on a stop at the pool then.  In a couple more weeks I'll get a Y membership to get through the winter months.  That is here in town with better pool hours.  I was a little sore from my run yesterday so I thought maybe today would be a rest day.  But when my friend Stacy called and asked if I would be up for a workout, I was like "Sure."

So she came over and we went for a brisk walk with a little bit of running.  We went about 3.25 miles.  I enjoy chatting with her so the walking part was nice, but let's just say that Stacy is in WAY better shape than me.  She could talk when I couldn't breathe.  But she did try to push me some without being crazy.  She encouraged me to slow down my breathing, but at times I was gasping for air.  Grr...frustrating because we weren't really going that fast.  How long before these shorter distances aren't so freakin' hard?!  I guess that is one part that is good about working out with someone fitter than you, but I feel bad for her since she isn't getting a great workout because she has to wait for me.  I guess that is why I normally don't go with anyone else.

Then we got back and had some time so we went downstairs and turned on some music and did some stretching and strength work.  We flipped through my notebook of Self magazine Body Bonus cards and did stuff that worked a little of everything.  She suggested a few moves from DVDs she's done too.  Is it weird that ab work seems easier when my legs are screaming?  I'm sure I'll be feeling everything later tonight in bed (note to self, ibuprofen before bed - ouch).  We did about 35 min of that stuff. 

No idea what tomorrow will bring.  I'm thinking rest, but I'm always up for being flexible.  I imagine I'll have to do some stretching no matter what!


  1. I remember the first time I ran with a (now regular) running friend of mine. I was dying, and fighting to keep up. She is a talker (thank god, because I sure couldn't talk) and she just kept going.

    One thing stuck in my head. She said how after a while you reach a point with running where you can slow down and it's like a break.

    Slow down? I thought. If I'm running, the only way for me to slow down is to walk. Then, a few months later, I realized that I actually could slow down, and I actually could get a bit of a break in doing so.

    Getting fitter is such a gradual thing, that you don't notice the progress day by day, but all of the sudden you have these realizations that you can do things that you weren't able to before. It's very cool.

  2. Having someone to train with is awesome, good trainer partners are hard to find.

  3. Great job on working out! I generally always like working out with someone a 100 time better. I guess it is the shared pain.

    Have a great day!