Monday, November 21, 2011

Better than nothing

I was losing motivation fast tonight as it was already dark and kind of damp/cold out.  So when Stacy messaged me on FB and suggested a workout, I kept with my vow to not say no to her workouts.  She came over and wasn't too keen on going out for a walk/jog in the cold so we went in the basement and did a pilates DVD (20 min I think - killer on abs and butt) and then about 30-40 min of Just Dance 2 (picking all the 3 sweat droplet songs).  I was sweating some, but I had kind of wished we had done the jog.  Oh well, better than nothing.

My food was awful again today.  I had breakfast of starch and fat (biscuits and gravy - yummy, but so not gaining me points in the weight loss category or the HBBC).  Then I was in meetings most of the morning (ugh - pointless).  Hit an early (1 PM LOL) happy hour with some friends (surveyors).  It was free appetizers for some office party thing one of the guys had won by putting his card in a fishbowl - and he bought the drinks.  I only had one drink (I had to drive and it was the middle of the day afterall).  But I was stuffed from chicken fingers and spinach dip (does that count for any vegetable serving when coated in cheesey goodness?).  Didn't eat dinner as I was still stuffed from the earlier food. 

Our crisper is pretty bare so tomorrow I will HAVE to hit the grocery store.  Maybe that will motivate me on the veggie part of the challenge.  Still like hearing about your favorite ways to eat more veggies.

Hubbie comes home tomorrow.  I'm sure part of "getting moving" tomorrow will be housework (nearly a week overdue).  Will be nice to see him again.  He's been pretty MIA for the last six weeks between working and deer season.  No luck for him or my daughter on the deer front.  But my son did get this nice doe and a coyote (same morning an hour apart) on opening weekend.  There is a late youth season in January that I think he'll try to take her out again.  I'm used to being a hunting widow.

Going to try something that Amanda does on her blog.  I think this week especially it is important to remember to be grateful.  Today I am grateful for:

- friends that get me off my butt in fun ways
- friends that buy me margaritas
- the venison (low fat, high in iron) that is now in my freezer (and thankful for my son always)
- deer season (rifle) being over
- a client paid for their flood study today (even though I left it at home and have to mail them a copy)
- snuggling with my daughter in her bed tonight as she read her book for school tomorrow (and that it was a short book since it was getting late)
- that my self-employment made going back home for a forgotten lunch today a very small deal

I am so blessed!

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  1. I was bad on the food today also but each day is another chance to get it right!

    I hope you have a great day!