Friday, November 25, 2011

Shopping = Exercise?

This morning I ate a banana (produce point) and some homemade granola while I read the paper.  Then I tried to get a little work done, but I fought a hydraulic model for a couple of hours and gave up (sent an email to a vendor that hopefully can point me in the right direction come Monday).  Kids put Christmas lights on the house with their dad while I cussed a few more details on this little site project.  Fed the girl and myself some leftover spaghetti for lunch (still debating if the marinara is even a half veggie point) and then she went to spend the afternoon and night with a friend and I went with the friend's mom to go shopping (long after the crazy midnight - 5 AM folks had turned in). 

So I was on my feet in Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Shoe Carnival, Target, Walmart, KMart, Ace Hardware (replacement bulbs for my husband) and JCPenney.  I scored a few items for people on my list and did manage to buy a gift for my husband's birthday tomorrow (still need to go get a card - doh! - should have gotten that at one of the "marts").  We were gone 6+ hours.  Shameful really as the weather would have been PERFECT for a bike ride and tomorrow is supposed to turn much cooler.  Darn!  On the other hand, my knee is feel tweaked from the run yesterday and kept me up a little last night so maybe better to have a "rest" day today.  But surely I burned SOME calories with the traipsing through the stores.  Santa will be bringing me a cool running shirt too! :)  With a cool little zipper pocket and thumb holes even!  And for the low price of $16 - Old Navy SCORE!  Still have to figure which (if any) of my "big" items he can bring, but I know I am going to get some cool speed laces and a Slim Road ID in my stocking.  Hee hee.  I love being Santa!

Came home just famished.  I did have a Coke while out, but was excited to dip into my full produce drawer and come out with red and green peppers, mushrooms, zuchinni, and a red onion from the pantry (plus some slightly questionably aged cooked chicken from the tupperware in the fridge) to make a FANTASTIC stirfry that took minutes!  This might be my new "go to" meal.  It was GOOD!  So chalk up a couple of produce points there!  I think they are due to be entered in the HBBC spreadsheet so I'd better get at that.

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