Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Restocked + Gratitude

Seriously, I should have taken a picture of the completely bare (save some old condiments) fridge.  But I didn't think about it until after I had unloaded all my groceries.  But check out my totally full crisper (plus some carrots that didn't fit and the onions and bananas that don't go in there):

And because all of what goes in, must come out (with a smile, wink and nod to SUAR and other poop-obsessed bloggers), our household was also nearly completely out of these:

All important when holiday carbo loading may include one or more of the following (double batch of rice krispy treats and chewy fudge brownies):

So tomorrow there will be at least one big salad and probably a big veggie stir fry. 

Lots of work to get done tomorrow if I can get more motivated than today.  I did finish a neat book about the NYC marathon.  I enjoyed the stories interwoven to mile by mile descriptions of the course (as ran in 2007).  It felt like you were there.

Although I posted earlier today after my 4 mile walk, I forgot to include my daily gratitude. As I mentioned yesterday, I am so blessed. Even through some really crummy times in my life, I know that God is good. Today, I am thankful for:
- my husband returning home from work and deer camp to spend more time with me and the kids
- a clean house (upstairs and down!) and husband who helped get it that way
- breaks in rainy weather than allow you to go for a walk with a friend outside
- homebaked bread (that I didn't have to bake)
- that those rice krispy treats are needed for Thanksgiving so I can't eat them
- the smell of toasting granola wafting in from my kitchen (homemade!)
- colorful produce
- finishing a good book


  1. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!

    Gobble Wobble!!!

  2. i think i read that book too, but can't remember what it was called.

    love the gratitude!!