Monday, November 28, 2011

Cold walk + Painful Abs

I had a meeting tonight where I had to talk about stormwater ordinances I wrote with a bunch of aldermen who didn't understand nor particularly care about what I had to say.  So I was stoked I didn't pull my usual long winded move and managed to get out of there just before 8 and home by 8:10.  Saw I missed a call from Stacy (she is an animal!).  Called her back and we agreed to go for a 3+ mile walk (with some jogging - though I had a hard time keeping up with her walk - and my knees have been hurting - so we didn't jog much - she is FAST).  It was 35 and mildly windy in some spots.  A little cold for my taste (moreso for Stacy), but still better to be outside in my book.  Not sure she was convinced.  Got back home and did 20 min Windsor Pilates Ab Workout - will be feeling that tomorrow!  Yikes! 

Today's food was a mixed bag.  Breakfast was homemade granola and some grapes.  Lunch was spaghetti (PMS carb craving).  The sauce is a beef/venison marinara that isn't too awful calorie-wise.  And given it was the bottom of the leftover bowl, I only had the one portion instead of another bowl.  Dinner was the last of my mushrooms, onion, red and green pepper (already used up the zuchinni).  It was probably only a cup or so total.  I need to restock.  It wasn't quite enough so I had some reduced fat wheat thins with a couple small slices of sharp cheddar.  Love that stuff.  I didn't sneak any of the kids' Halloween candy (why can't they just eat it already!?). 

Getting kind of late.  Better go hit the sack.


  1. I think I have mention this before, good workout partners are so hard to find

  2. Great job getting that walk done. Definitely better outside, especially with a friend! :)