Monday, November 7, 2011

Strong(ish) - Even if not fast...

As promised, today I went to Columbia.  Drove in the rain on the way up and thought about the TT1 guys heading out to get past St. Louis today.  Apparently they've changed strategies with more runners dividing up the daylight running.  Will be interested to see how this adjust their pace.  At least it was in the mid-50's so running in the rain wasn't like being pelted with ice.  I called Karen, but she wasn't sure where they were so I decided to forgo tracking them down again. 

Stopped in and worked on a floodplain project with my surveyor friend and then to the county planning dept to check in with my friend over there looking for some info and touching base in general.  Then to the pool.  There was some kind of private party so only one lap lane that already had two people in it, but once they said "go" to the kids, they stayed pretty much out of the lap area so I jumped in and swam next to the lane and had clear water for the most part.  I was kind of tired going into it, but ended up feeling like it was a pretty strong swim.  I often wonder if my form looks as good as I think it should.  Someday I have to find some kind of class.  I had a good song in my head and just knocked out 40 minutes.  I was thinking - I feel pretty strong, but not fast.  I guess I can live with that for now.  Not too sucky of a swim anyway.

Haven't run in over a week so will do that tomorrow.  Maybe the Walmart 5K again - our bank has a branch there and I have a check from the middle of last week that needs to be deposited. 


  1. Get someone to video your swim, even with just a phone camera from the deck. It will amaze you. Most pool staff are pretty good about provided you ask first. Getting underwater footage of your swim is totally the way to go for improvement. Once you see it, and compare yourself to someone who can really swim, you will never drop that elbow again.

  2. Great job on your swim! Just remember to relax in the water, work on your technique and the speed will come. And Keith is right having someone tape or watch you swim will help.

    Have a great run today!