Friday, November 25, 2011

Official Results + Gratitude

They just posted the chip and gun time results for the Pie Run.  I did PR!  My chip time was 40:44 so I didn't shave a lot off, but every little bit counts.  I might have run a little more without my friend, but I may have walked the walking portions slower, as she is a fast walker.  Made me 49/56 in the 30-39 Females and 368/396 of those that marked their sheet as "5K Run" (not 10K or Walk).  Lots of room for improvement.  Never mind that they guy that won could have lapped me nearly 3 times.  Or than 21 of the 10K'ers finished before I finished half that distance.  Really, it isn't demoralizing at all! (note sarcasm)

OK, don't wallow Christina.  Time to remember how very blessed you are.  Today I am grateful for:

- Working for myself so that when I hit a "wall", I can skip out and go shopping
- Little girls sleeping over at someone else's house
- My creative husband that has quite the Christmas display in our backyard
- My son who loves to watch movies with me as long as there is minimal kissing (and a movie with only one)
- My blogger friends and their Friday Funnies
- Chip timing that allows for quick upload of results
- Fast stir fry


  1. Hey, I just finished a race 3rd last. The guy who won lapped me (6 miles agead of me) at my mile 10. Crazy how fast some of these people are! There's always room for improvement, but keep celebrating those accomplishments! You finished ahead of everybody who didn't get up and run, and that's waaaay more people than finished ahead of you.