Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Another walk + carb fest

First, thank you to all who have offered condolences on the loss of my grandfather.  I appreciate the friendships that we've developed in the recent months as we all weather the ups and downs of this roller coaster called "life".

I had a lovely walk today at noon with my friend Alyssa.  It was sunny even though it was in the 30s.  It wasn't too bad once we got going.  I even had to take off my gloves after a while.  We did the 4 mile loop that she laid out a couple weeks ago - her office to Dix Rd and back.  She listened while I talked about my grandpa.  We talked about other stuff too, but it was very nice to share some of my memories of him.

Unfortunately, I came home very hungry about 1:15, took care of some other things until nearly 2:00 and then was STARVING for lunch.  Nothing much sounded good except mac-n-cheese.  Yeah, umm, the whole box.  Please don't judge me.  There were no veggies nor fruit consumed.  Only carbs.  Now it is closing in on dinner time and I am not the least bit hungry.  I think my husband is making pork chops for the kiddos so I'll cut up another few apples and put out some carrots for them to munch on and maybe I can get a produce point in there somewhere too.

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