Thursday, December 1, 2011

Produce FAIL - Walk/Ab PASS

Granola for breakfast, handful of Pringles (whole grain, but still - chips) for lunch, two slices of frozen pizza and a cup of orange soda for dinner.  I don't think you can call that anything other than an epic fail in the produce points department.  Then we dashed off to the Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting downtown and listened to a few carols, burnt our tongues on hot chocolate and ate one cookie plus a handful of popcorn until they lit the tree and we watched some fireworks (a surprise this year because a new company is bidding the 4th of July contract - sweet!)  Very cool to watch.  It was in the 40s so not bad for hanging out and visiting with some folks we knew.  A friend took our pic so maybe I can add that to this post if I can get her to send it to me. 

Came home and within minutes had a text from Stacy to work out.  Sure, why not.  Could we do it outside again before the weather gets crappy?  She agreed.  So we did our 3.2-ish mile loop in my neighborhood (she lives on an arterial with currently no sidewalks so that is why she always comes here).  We ran one cul-de-sac, but that was it.  My period is kicking my ass and I don't have a ton of energy so I was pleased to just get through it.  We got back and went to the basement for about 30 min of abs and chatting. 

I told Stacy that it meant a lot of me to have her and Alyssa to work out with.  I feel like it is important to tell people how much you appreciate them.  I also said I've enjoyed getting to know them better through this as I've always kind of been an outsider in the "wives club" because most of the guys went to high school with my husband so they are all friends and most of the girls went to high school with each other (but not the school nor the years that I did).  She told me that she has known Alyssa since grade school (which I suspected, but didn't know).  I have been with my husband since most of these girls were still in middle school (across the board, they are about 5-8 years younger than me).  And I have been friends with most of their husbands for the 20+ years my husband and I've been together.  Also, during the late 90's when most of them were coming into the picture, we still lived in Columbia while they all lived here in Jeff City and we just weren't as involved with the group of friends as we are now.  We moved back here in 2002 and it has taken all of this time for me to somehow become better friends with these two because they were willing to share my need to exercise with me.  God bless!  I feel like I haven't had a close girlfriend that lived nearby for so long (had one in Columbia, but she moved to OK shortly before we left and another that I know through Society of Women Engineers who is a dear friend, but lives in NE).  It is just not the same as someone you can pick up the phone and get together that night, you know?  OK - that went off on kind of a weird tangent.  But I guess this goes back to my comments the other day about having friends to work out with.  I am so blessed!

So tomorrow I have to do some drafting for my surveyor friend in Columbia.  I'll take my swim bag in case there is enough time to run to the pool.  If not, it will just be a rest day because we have the Jingle Bell Run (5K) in Columbia on Saturday morning.  I have to skedaddle back to Jeff City in time to pick up all of the kids after school (including my neighbor's two).  Will pack an apple and some carrots to much on at the office so I can at least get a couple produce points tomorrow. 


  1. Keep up the good work and have a great 5k on Saturday! I can't wait to hear about it.

  2. I hear ya on the diet fail girl. Although I do get my veggies in, I always seem to get my share of sugar in too.

    I’m jealous of your workout partners! ha. It is SO nice to have someone to workout with! I have yet to find that here in Arkansas! Good luck on the 5k!

  3. I struggled with my fruits and veggies a couple days this week. On the plus side, I haven't eaten too much junk food either though. Each day we get to start fresh! Good luck on the 5K.