Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last Ride 2011

Weather was sunny, 50's (low to start, high at end), but a bit windy today.  I knew the winds would be a little bit of an issue, but couldn't pass up these warm temps.  I completely overdressed because I was afraid the wind would make it feel much colder.  I wore my new tights (love the material, but the pad will take some getting used to), tech T, light jacket (blue one from last week's photo), fleece ear band (too much), and cycling gloves with fingers.  I came home and my nephew is playing catch with a football with a friend and they are both in shorts and t-shirts so you know the wind wasn't really cold.  Oops.

Will have to go back and look, but it has probably been 2 months since I've really been on a bike - ouch!  This ride should have been easier - lots of flats, just a few hills.  But I was sucking wind more than I like to admit.  I really thought the fitness I've been building running would have translated more.  Got in a little over 9 miles (took my kids on the first two and doubled back to drop them off to go and do my Militia interchange/Scholastic loop).  The interchange was especially sucky because I had to ride into the wind up the hill - ugh.  Going to have to figure out some way to get in more biking or April's du is going to be a "don't".  As a side note, the tops of my knees and my hip flexors were kind of bothering me towards the end.   

Off to write my year in review post.  Was going to do it here, but it really deserves its own space.

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