Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First Swim at Y

After breaking down and purchasing a membership to our local Y so that I could swim, it was pretty annoying that for the first week of said membership the pool was closed for maintenance.  But today it was open and I took the kids over for the rec/lap time (3 lap lanes, shallowish area and deep area for non-lappers).  The "holiday care" kids group was just leaving as we got there so it emptied out most of the pool.  I joined an old man in a lap lane who apparently didn't see me get in and totally kicked me on my first pass.  He got out shortly thereafter though I could have managed to share the lane and swim around him. 

Pretty soon the pool was nearly empty save a few that SUAR would probably count as part of her "posse" and one other lap swimmer.  So my kids asked if they could swim laps with me.  I said sure and stopped for a minute to help my son with some form issues.  This asshat in the next lane starts lecturing me that lap lanes are not for "babysitting" and I decided it wasn't the time to go off on him though I thought about telling him he was being a total dick (among other choice words not appropriate).  I tried to point out that my son WAS doing laps and so was my daughter (though with a kickboard), but I was just showing the boy some technique and he told me that they teach the kids lessons here at the Y.  Um..yeah..whatever dude.  I pulled my son out of the empty lane when another swimmer came.  I get it.  He wasn't hurting anyone and the guy assured me that it does hurt others when the lap lanes are busy (which they weren't).  Mind you, this was just about 15 min before they ended the "rec" swim and turned the whole pool into 6 lap lanes for the lunch hour.  Whatever.  I sent my son back to the rec area and finished a few more of my own laps, but this jerk really soured the day for me.  I've never had anyone be so rude to me at the ARC. 

My workout was kind of all over the place as I got interrupted a fair bit by my kids asking for my attention, but the swim was surprisingly non-sucky overall.  I was getting a pretty decent stroke count and felt pretty fast overall.  Not bad for being out of the pool for a few weeks since my ARC pass was used up.  I will definitely get better workouts next week when the kids are in school, but it was important to me to get my son off the couch for a little while today.  Hopefully next time we all go, my husband can go along to keep the kids more occupied.


  1. Sorry you had a bad experience at the Y. The folks at our Y are pretty nice. Hopefully you won't run into that guy again.

  2. Sorry you had a bad experience. That guy may have had previous bad experiences with kids that did't move when swimmers have arrived but he shouldn't have taken it out on you.

  3. Congrats on getting your swim on! The guy was a jerk and I am sorry that he ruined your swim!

  4. Great job getting a good swim in despite the jerk-face!