Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thank You Mother Nature

Yesterday didn't really go as planned.  I did go to Columbia and get a ton of surveys drawn up for my friend.  But at 11:30, I got an email asking if I remembered having agreed to read to my daughter's class after lunch.  Oops - no - so I busted out the door shortly thereafter to make it back to town to do that.  So no time for a swim.  Walked all over downtown to look at "Living Windows" (performers in the storefronts) Friday evening with my daughter.  It was crowded, but not crazy cold (low 40s).  We had some hot cocoa along the way.  My feet and back were tired and a little sore when we got home. 

Friday Food:  yogurt with a sprinkle of granola, grapes, cheeseburger (oops), taco salad (homemade with venison) lots of lettuce and salsa to try to get a little veggies in.

As I slept poorly, I did listen to a spot of rain and prayed for better weather when we got up.  Nope, it was raining.  Argh.  Went ahead and decided to push onward and got my daughter up and ready to go.  Met our friends at their house and took off in the dark and rain.  It got lighter as we got closer and the rain was down to a sprinkle when we got out of the van.  By the race start it wasn't even doing that!  Thank you Mother Nature for answering my daughter's (and my) prayers.  Sun even peeked out the middle of the day.  We jingled with bells on our shoes and Christmas hats.  The two 2nd graders (their son, my daughter) sped away with the dad of the other family.  The two moms hung back with the slightly-freaked-out-about-the-distance 1st grader who managed to break into a sprint at the end and knock it out!  No speed records broken, but a really good time running around the University of MO and recalling fun times of our past there.  Visited for quite a while afterwards (on way home and back at their house while the kids played).  Super fun!! 

Saturday Food:  banana before race, half banana and orange slice after - lots of water - bite of daughter's granola bar, bite of her bagel; taco salad leftovers for lunch.  Tonight we're going to husband's company party.  I'll try to keep the plate loading to a minimum.  I've seen a couple good numbers on the scale this week and I'd like MMNW to look the same if at all possible.


  1. Found your blog and just wanted to say hi! I'm a civil engineer too, and work for the City of Portland. I'm a runner, hiker and skier, but have yet to try a triathalon. You've inspired me to give it a "tri" (yes, bad pun, I know).

  2. What a bunch of cuties! I'm glad the rain stopped for your race. I know my 2nd grader would probably not be up for a 5K just yet. Hopefully next year...

  3. Kate - the 2 second graders beat the rest of this crew. Waiting for chip times, but the dad said he thought it was about 35 min (about 11 min faster than my 2nd grader's 5K time in Aug). For the 1st grader, it was a matter of getting past the mental barrier about the distance even though he did a 5K on Thanksgiving!

    Linda - thanks for stopping by! I think we all have so much to learn from and be inspired by each other. I actually think that a lot of endurance sports appeal to "numbers" minded people like us. We tend to be pretty type A, goal-oriented folks that like to analyze our "data". I'm jonesing for a GPS/heart rate watch so that I can have more "numbers" in my life. :) LOL Best wishes as you "tri" this all out.

  4. I love watching kids run. They generally suck at pacing, but I think we can all learn something by seeing how they give it their all.

  5. I love this was a family events, congrats to everyone