Sunday, December 18, 2011

Only a week til Christmas?!

Well, despite the fact that I spent close to 3.5 hours wrapping gifts today, I am not done because I realized I'm short a few gifts.  And when I called my sis-in-law to check on some ideas for one of her kids, I was painfully reminded that two of her kids turn 10 in 2 days - crap!  So not only do I still need to hit the awful stores for more Christmas gifts, but I need 2 birthday gifts as well.  Lovely!  Never mind about Christmas cards!  Yet another year they just aren't going to get done.  I'm really trying not to feel guilty about it.  I did at least spend some quality time with my daughter and her friend yesterday baking cookies - that gives me more holiday mom points, right?

But otherwise, today was a pretty low key day.  My husband was gone until late afternoon (since wee hours on Saturday) as he went muzzleloader hunting and took a nice buck last night (at his uncle's farm about 30 min away - staying down there to butcher it this morning).  I took the kids to mass and did my wrapping stuff while watching two movies.  Went for a 2 mi walk with my husband and daughter tonight and could feel some stiff spots in my hips and butt from yesterday's running.

Food:  Last night I cooked a small spaghetti squash.  I ate half of it for dinner last night and half of it for lunch today (with the pasta sauce that I burped all through the JBH 5K yesterday).  I also had a couple cookies last night (warm out the oven is hard to beat) and a couple more today (ok, cookies in general are hard to beat).  Breakfast this morning was pizza from Caseys - bacon, egg and cheese - only one slice, but enough fat to choke an ox.  Dinner tonight was frozen pizza the kids picked out because I didn't feel like making a casserole my husband had requested.  Two small slices and then, when another slice sounded really good, I ate a nice Cutie orange (love that they get really good this time of year).  Need to flip back through the week and add up my HBBC points now [Edit = 26 points - not awful considering this cold is still kicking my ass].

Finished the book "Run Like a Mother" this weekend.  It was ok - nothing earthshattering.  A pretty easy read.  I liked the nod to the 0.2 at the end of each chapter (and that the chapters were short).  Most of the "tips", I either already knew or am past the period of motherhood where it is applicable.  But there were some good things here and there and I enjoyed the stories and the quotes.  I kind of wish the "gray pages" (where they had little snipets of quotes) were either at the beginning or end of a chapter because they kind of interrupted the flow of the book.  Not as bad as the wicked amount of footnotes in my current book.  It was definitely a book I'd put in the "glad I got it from the library" category although I do intend to photo copy a couple of pages that had some strength workout suggestions that I liked.

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