Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snow + Great Story

Well I spoke too soon when I posted a comment on a follower's blog that we hadn't had any snow yet in MO.  It came this morning.  It wasn't a lot, but it came down steady.  It made for a long, gray day.  Apparently some roads were pretty nasty, but I only had to drive the five or so back and forth to school twice.  With my new tires and new brakes - all ways good.  Husband went back to work today (after a comparatively short layoff) and left before sunup for a job site about an hour away.

It wasn't the most productive day.  I started just to read a little of one of the books I picked up ("Iron Heart") while I ate my breakfast (toast and peanut butter - oops, no produce).  Well, next thing I know it is mid-morning and I haven't gotten crap done for work.  Worked a little and emailed a client that I would call him after lunch.  Next thing it is is after noon already.  Stopped for some lunch (too embarrassed that my only vegetable serving came from a can with a chef on it-shh!).  Read some more and finally put the book down to call the client and deal with that matter before picking it up again and reading right through 3:10 PM when OH CRAP!  It is my day to pick up the kids (and I should have left 10 min ago).  Drove quickly to school and hit the end of the car pool line (which I normally hit after sitting and waiting for 10 min to get in the parking lot so the kids didn't even realize I was "late").

Got home and helped with some homework, worked on a couple things for work and snuck in a little more reading before choking down a corn dog and a small orange (wahoo - fresh produce).  Took my daughter to Brownies and read some more.  Back home and getting everyone ready for bed and talked to my aunt on the phone.  Read a little more and sporadically watched Biggest Loser.  Finished the book at 10:30 after turning off the TV and giving it my undivided attention. 

Been a long time since I finished a book in one day.  It was really a good read.  "Iron Heart" is the story of Brian Boyle who was critically injured in a car accident in 2004, spent 2 months in a coma and then fought his way back to health and competed in a media slot in the 2007 Kona World Championships (on freakin' 45 days of training!)  Talk about IRONMAN INSPIRATION with a capital "I"!  Since I'm new to the sport and always the last to read everything, maybe this isn't news to you, but the story brought tears to my eyes as a parent, horror to think about what all he went through and just awe at anyone finishing Kona - much less only a few years after surgeries to repair or remove nearly all of his internal organs (plus crushed pelvis and clavicle).  The medical professionals around him wondered if he would ever speak or walk - surely he'd never swim again (he was a competitive swimmer in high school and later, post accident, in college).  I can really identify with someone who takes being told they can't do something as the fire they need to do it.  Amazing. 

So no workout today.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.  Weather being pretty crappy is going to make it tough.  Need to get to the Y and sign up so I can do some biking and running without fighting ice plus having the pool as a more frequent option. 

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  1. Snow sucks doesn't it!!!! Today will be a good day. Don't give up on eating well. You can do it!