Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kicking My Butt

Stacy called this afternoon and said she wanted to take advantage of the unusually warm temps and go for a run, but called back when she realized her son had an eye appt.  Then called back and said we could still go about 6:00.  I was ready and waiting for her.  Weather was still nice even if dark - in the low 50's.  I'm dreading the day the really cold stuff hits and makes us pay for this super mild fall/early winter.

We did pretty much our usual loop although added one little private road stub and went just a little further up Algoa past Tania's house (adding two hills that we ran up).  She didn't let me walk nearly as much as we have in the past (which kind of sucks because I can't talk when I run and I enjoy visiting).  So I was seriously sucking wind a few times, but getting in a little over 3.5 miles was worth it.  I forgot to time it so I'm not sure of the pace, but it was surely faster than I would have done on my own so another great workout thanks to my friend.  She had to bail on any follow up stretching and core work, but I did it while I watched some TV with my husband. 

Another weak food today: pb/banana and slice of bread this morning, cheeseburger/small fry/soda for lunch with kids, scrambled eggs with leftover Christmas ham plus a bowl of granola for dinner. 

Thanks for all of the offers of assistance.  Already got some emails to follow up with.  Being new and not always "speaking the language" is a bit of a frustration so I appreciate all of the insight. 


  1. Great job on the run! You are making great strides. Keep up the great work. And don't worry about the eating. That too will come in time.

  2. Sorry I'm guilty of TMI for sure. Don't mean to do it.

    I agree with Christi, you definitely are getting it done. Everything will continue to fall into place.

  3. Nice run! It's nice your friend was there to push you a bit. Happy New Year!