Sunday, December 25, 2011

Another Christmas 5K+

Christmas morning was full with getting up early with the kiddos to open stockings and gifts, then off to mass, back home to clean up and prep for family coming over, then serving a big ham lunch, opening more gifts and everyone playing with everything.  Three o'clock came pretty quickly and I didn't want the daylight getting away from me so I snuck out for a run.

Our weather continues to be beautiful and sunny (so odd since our winters tend to be pretty gray).  The wind was slightly cooler, but the temps were slightly warmer (46°) so it was perfect to walk/jog with no hat, gloves or jacket - just my new running shirt (thanks Santa) and my capris (Santa brought me some Under Armor tights I got on sale too, but really didn't need them today).  Santa wasn't flush enough with cash to drop a Garmin in my stocking, but maybe if I'm a super good girl, my husband and kids can swing one for Mother's Day. 

According to May My Ride, it was 3.54 miles and I did it in 47:23 for an average pace of 13:23 min miles - pretty good (for me).  Helps me feel a lot better about the big lunch I scarfed down!  We'll see what MMNW brings.  I should sleep solid tonight as I did not get a lot of rest last night. 

Almost all of my gifts this year were fitness related.  I bought myself (from Santa), a long sleeve running shirt, tights, cycling tights (padded), and a long sleeve jersey (compression).  My stocking had pink Yankz, Body Glide, and lights for my bike.  I got a cool workout towel from my Secret Santa (in Jill's exchange) that said "Sweat is Sexy" (picture to come).  My husband and kids bought me a dozen red roses as well.  I got a little money from my inlaws.  We had already agreed to use whatever money we got towards our Y membership so that is basically spoken for. 

What were your favorite gifts? 


  1. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas

  2. Sounds like a pretty good haul! I didn't get any gifts so I don't have a favorite. My favorite gist was cash. I told family I'm saving for an iPad but now that my wife got one, I may save the cash for race wheels or a new bike.

  3. Hey, sounds like a great Christmas! Its cool that you got to do a Christmas run

  4. Great job on the back to back runs! You're a rockstar!

  5. YAY! I love all of the fitness related gifts... sounds like my kind of holiday! Great job on getting out there for a good run!

  6. good on you to get out and do that run and even better you were able to delay the use of tights and gloves another day since it's December.

    I must admit the favorite gift is one my son got - Shawn White skate and snow boarding for the wii.