Friday, December 23, 2011


The kids and I got out of the house reasonably early today with minimal whining.  My son agreed to go to the Y with some complaining about how I was in charge and he doesn't get to make any decisions about his own life.  I told him we would go for an hour and see how it was.  The three of us played tennis for about an hour, then shot some baskets and did some laps around their 1/14 mi track (enough to get close to 1.5 miles in).  My son was red-cheeked and sweaty, but didn't seem to mind we had been at the Y for nearly 2 hours!  Yay! 

Last couple of days haven't quite worked out to get much work or fitness in.  I was so sore on Tue and Wed that I didn't get any workout in.  Walked around the neighborhood last night singing Christmas carols so that was better than nothing, but hardly a workout.  Did clean house for a hour and some change yesterday (vacuuming, bathrooms, mopping).  But it was good to get our sweat on today.  I have been eating a little bit of fruit (yum, fresh pineapple, apples and nectarines), but not much in the way of veggies.  Will have to try to work on that.  My big goal for this weekend is to still be in the 170's come Monday!

My daughter wants to build a gingerbread house from a kit she received in a secret santa exchange at girl scouts.  So I guess I'd better go make sure my kitchen remains intact.

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  1. Your trip to the Y sounds like a "win-win"!

    I added a link to my work in process regarding veggies (and other) recipes on my blog. I need to add some details and lots of pictures, but it's a start.

    Merry Christmas!