Friday, December 30, 2011

Another kick butt workout + Bike dreams

Managed to get a little work done today in between dreams of a new road or tri bike.  Patrick didn't get much work done today either as he emailed me several thoughts on bikes back and forth.  Then, because I was working at my friend's office in Columbia which happens to be pretty close to the LBS there, I dropped in to see what they had.  Well, not a lot in the way of tri bikes as they are kind of between the 2011's and 2012's and are getting more soon.  They had one really sweet Cannondale Slice (my size) that was a 2011 that would have been nice, but was at the top of my (now adjusted) price range.  They had a pretty wide selection of road bikes though.  We chatted up about pros and cons of tri vs road, new vs used, expensive vs cheaper (not cheap as those don't apparently exist).  I took away some good information. 

Gently mentioned all of this to my husband who didn't seem too freaked out by the price range.  Still some more looking and test driving to do, but I think we're moving in the right general direction.  But I've got the itch.  And the fact I'll get back on my old mountain bike tomorrow (weather in the 60's - hell yeah!), may not help.

Also stopped by the Starting Block to pay my fee and weigh in for the CMC Biggest Loser contest.  Seems like the HBBC and some of these virtual races of late have been good motivation.  I even have won a surprise prize for doing XLMIC's Jingle Bell Hell!  So hopefully this contest (which was only $20 so I'm not out all that much regardless) is one more piece of the puzzle to get me down another 10 lbs or so during this off season.  I mean, HBBC is probably the reason this is the first holiday season that I LOST weight.  YAY!  Starting weight on the scale there was 178.2.  Would love to see anything in the 160's at the end of the 12 weeks.  More info on this journey as I find out more about it.

So I called Stacy on the way back into town and she wasn't working tonight because she has to work tomorrow.  Wahoo - let's get in another run with this great weather!  So she brought an extra safety vest tonight (I really need to get my own and one that fits!) and we ran the Walmart 5K plus a smidge.  She said I did better at walking less tonight but I still felt like she was pulling me along a lot of the time.  I feel like my heart is beating out of my chest and can barely catch a breath and she is conversational!  I told her she just has to let me know if she wants to charge ahead sometime, but she said she'd rather run a little slower with me than go by herself so all is good.  We came back and stretched a little and talked to my husband about tomorrow's party, but still managed to get downstairs to do Ab Ripper X - ouch - and some more stretching and chatting.  Her husband finally called to see where she was and ended the fun.

Tomorrow will be my "Year in Review" post that seems to be on everyone's agenda these days.  I wanted to wait until the last day to really get it all in. 


  1. So awesome that Patrick is helping you. He is full of really useful and well-researched information...he will steer you in the right direction for sure.

    LOL...I ride my old mountain bike, too :P

    Losing weight over the holidays is so hard to do...and you DID IT!!! Way to go :) Keep up the great work!

  2. So... is their a new bike for 2012?

  3. Please put up pictures when you get your new bike!

  4. It sounds like you are going to the dark side of triathlon. Bike porn. All of us can succumb from time to time. Take your time and look around. Try lots of bikes and take notes about what feels good or not. Try to avoid getting hung up on bike names, or involved in spec wars. Go with the bike that makes you feel happy riding it. A bike shop should have the little thingie that measures how far apart your sit bones are. Budget a bit of money to spend to get a saddle that fits and feels comfortable for YOUR anatomy. Do not be shy about discussing this, or you could be regretting it for many many hours.

    No matter what bike you buy, in a few years you will likely want a "better" bike. Thats why you need to think it through now. It's probably the most expensive tri related purchase you will make, so get it right. Don't forget that some bike prices are "bare" and you have to buy pedals and other stuff. You'll probably have to buy shoes. And a bottle rack. Or two. Or Three. There are lots of bike toys.

    I went with a road bike because I didn't know if I'd continue on with triathlon, and got very lucky in that the bike I liked went on sale at the end of the season.

  5. Good advice from Keith and I'm sure Patrick too. I went with a road bike and added aero bars to it. I wasn't sure I was going to stick with tris which is what swayed me that way. It has suited me fine even at the half iron distance. I'm considering getting a tri bike before tackling a full ironman. Good luck and make sure the bike shop knows how to fit you properly on the bike.