Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Quick Note

Today was a very busy day with tons of errands out in the rain.  Still didn't make it to the Y (well, I drove BY it, but I forgot my checkbook and I needed a voided check to set up the monthly drafts - ugh).   I didn't get much work done, but I did chip away at some Christmas shopping and did get my SOQ in the mail plus a gift for a blogger secret santa exchange.  Yay! 

Breakfast was a half an orange and a few grapes plus a sandwich.  Lunch wasn't much of anything although I did grab a Coke while out (hangs head in shame).  Walked with my husband for 2 miles after he got home from work and convinced me the rain had abated for a little bit.  Dinner was homemade sausage (we butcher hogs every Jan and this was the last container from the freezer), mac-n-cheese (but not the whole box this time), and lots of broccoli, carrots and cucumbers with a little bit of dip.  So not an awful day for the HBBC points.

Weather is supposed to be warm and rainy tomorrow - irritating!  If we can dance through the rain drops, I might hit up Alyssa for a walk.  Already traded texts with Stacy tonight and she is busy tomorrow.  Will suck it up and do something alone if needed.  Need to get my sweat on!  Walking with my husband is great, but hardly gets the "burn" going. 


  1. Running in the rain, when its warm outide, is kinda actually fun

  2. Christmas shopping... dang. I knew there was something I was forgetting to do lately!