Monday, December 19, 2011

P90X Plyo - "You're Welcome!"

Oh dear Lord.  I'm going to pay for tonight over the next couple of days.  Stacy called about 7:45 and wanted to work out about 8:30 (or 8:45 as the case may be).  It's about 10 now and she just left (although we did gab about her new smartphone for a bit).  We did the majority of the P90X Plyometrics workout (skipping about 15 min of it as we were wearing out).  Lots of jumping, squatting and lunging.  My legs will be on fire before the night is out.  Prophylactic ibuprofen on the way!  Definitely got our sweat on.  When I popped the DVD out of the player, she turned to me and said "You're Welcome!" knowing full well my FB status will read "Thanks Stacy for a kickass workout!" 

I've thought about buying P90X before.  Thought harder about the 10-min Trainer series (as I keep thinking nothing could be THAT bad for 10 min).  I liked Tony's style so that may be another splurge at some point.  Always nice to have an alternative when you can't get to the gym or the weather is crappy.

And nothing like a workout to make me regret the greasy piece of chicken I ate for dinner.  At least I did have a salad with it.  But nothing else green nor fruity (save one apple slice that was left from my daughter's lunch bag).  I had another slice this morning and a handful of grapes.  A granola bar and a soda while I worked through lunch.  It was kind of a weak food day.  The rest of dinner all fell in the "carb" category (potatoes, biscuit and cookie).

Got a few more of my Christmas (and forgotten birthday present) errands run this afternoon.  I also received my Christmas gift from my blogger Secret Santa.  I didn't open it, but the shipping slip said she ordered it Friday and it got here today!  How awesome is that?!  I get so few actual surprises anymore that I was really looking forward to this.  Definitely worth waiting to open on Christmas day (along with the handful of items I bought for myself so the kids would think I wasn't on the naughty list).  Still need to get out tomorrow and pick up something for Santa to give my husband. 

Lots of rain this week so probably better suck it up and spend the money to get our Y membership started.  Want to be able to take the kids over Christmas break which starts at 1 PM on Wednesday!  Better get some sleep before my aching legs wake me up.


  1. Glad it got there so fast, hope you like it! :) Kuods on the P90X, I'm too scared to try it!

  2. Excellent job, I know those DVD's are tough! I think the salad cancels out the grease in the chicken.

  3. P90X plyo is no joke, its a tough one, but a good one

  4. I love that Plyo workout! And Tony always makes me giggle :P