Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday schmunday

Not the least productive day I've had of late, but never seem to get as much done as is needed.  I worked a little at home.  Then worked a little in Columbia after a "Santa" trip to the running store (picked up a couple stocking stuffers for me and one regular gift for myself and another gift for an online secret santa exchange that I hope she'll really like).  Got home just before the kids and read a few emails/blogs and then supervised some homework and talked to my sis.  I confessed my current obsession with the blogosphere and semi-reluctantly gave her my link.  I'm not sure why I'm hesitant to share with people I really know what I readily share with folks I only feel like I know.  Wierd.

Husband got home and we did our two mile walk.  I'm not sure where Stacy and Alyssa have been, but the cold and dark weather isn't probably helping.  I've got to get to the Y and get our membership set up as I've nearly forgotten what it is like to be on a bike. 

My husband made bacon sandwiches for dinner.  I settled on having one, but adding a bunch of stir fried veggies with it as a giant side.  Ate a bit too much or went too heavy on onion as it kind of sat in my gut and I tasted it all night.  Ewww.  Then I gave my son and husband hair cuts and ran to the grocery store.  Should be stocked up for lunches for the kids through next week. 

MMNW = 180.4 - not as good as I had hoped, but not bad considering the imbibing of this weekend. 


  1. The blogosphere and real life are two different realities. People in my real life know about my blog, but I always feel awkward when they talk to me about it.

  2. I know what you mean about sharing your blog with folks who already know you - I'm always worried I'll write something that will offend them or that I'll later regret.

  3. Totally get the sharing of the blog thing. It took me forever to "come out" to my running friends about mine. But it's all good now--you just have to get used it!

  4. It was really hard for me to share my blog with family and non-running friends. It just felt weird. Still does sometimes. I have several real-life friends who blog, though, which is nice bc they definitely get it. And now I'm regularly surprised by who (of my family/friends) reads my blog. You won't have any idea they do, and then they'll mention something they'd only know from reading.

    You're getting a lot accomplished. I bought a couple gifts Monday, but most of the week has been treading water at best.