Friday, December 16, 2011

Weak Week for HBBC

Now you would think that after watching my weekly HBBC points decline and actually noting it, I might try to do something about it.  However, life (including a nice little cold bug) happened and this just hasn't really been the case.  I did walk last night and tonight with my husband (2 mi each night for 4 points).  And I did squeeze in a few carrots, broccoli and cucumbers to my dinner last night (1 pt).  But as for the rest of today and so much.

I did come to the conclusion this morning that I should use Friday morning naked weight instead of Monday.  Wow!  It is such a better number as most of my indulgences tend to fall on weekends (prime exampe = tonight's Oreo Blizzard at DQ).  I saw a new low today (175.4), but I know it will be tough to keep it there over the next couple of days so that MMNW can finally break into the 170s. 

But at least I have XLMIC's Jingle Bell Hell Virtual 5K to get in tomorrow or Sunday (probably tomorrow).  I've thought about doing 7 rounds of the 0.5 mi "T" loop where I can see nearly all of it from my house as a nod to Marge's neighborhood running (with my cul-de-sac hill to add extra "hell").  I also thought about going from my house to the Moreau River crossing and back up the hill and back down it and back up and on home which would be about 3.5 mi (the killer hill that I named this blog over).  I need to go to the bank too so I briefly considered the Walmart 5K (our bank branch is inside) with the fact that going to Walmart this time of year is its own special kind of hell.  We'll see which one I pick.  Weather is supposed to be partly sunny and 40's so that isn't too hellish on its own.  Doing the 5K with this cold will be though.  But I promise to take plenty of care of myself along the way.  Now to figure out how to add the "fun" element required. :)  Wear a Santa hat?  High 5 my daughter every time I come by our house? many things to think about.  Virtual 5K's are tough!

Better rest up.  I will try to figure out a plan for more fruit and veggies tomorrow.  No excuses!


  1. The Santa hat is a good idea! I might steal it :-).