Sunday, December 11, 2011

100th Post! Weekend Update

Welcome to my 100th post.  Got through another holiday season weekend with hopefully not too much damage.  We'll see what the MMNW brings me.  I just finished adding up last week's HBBC points and I'm seeing a disturbing (although not entirely unexpected) trend.  First week was 38, next week was 30 and this last week was 27.  Hmm...I don't like where this is going.  Time to get my ass in gear!  While I did see decent weights on the scale a few times this week, I was up again after stuffing my face with food and booze last night at the neighborhood progressive dinner even though I really tried to keep from going crazy.

For the record, no real workouts this weekend.  At best I could get a half point or so for some shopping and a half point or so for some dancing and wii time with my daughter and her friend today.  Food wasn't so hot either.  Saturday I got up and made cinnamon rolls for my daughter and her friend who wouldn't eat them (grr).  I only had one.  My son had 4 (even after I told him not to eat the last one - another grr).  They were relatively small.  I think I had a banana or an orange with it (really should write my food log every day).  Didn't have a lot for lunch as I wasn't that hungry and we were having an early dinner (party).  Think there might have been a chip bag involved - oops. 

Our neighborhood progressive dinner party started at my friend Tammy's house with a salad bar.  I loaded up a bowl with all sorts of veggies (lettuce, mushrooms, green peppers, tomatoes, carrots, etc).  But the next house was Dot's soup (none veggie based) - two half bowls of a jumbalaya and like 1/4 bowl (just to taste) a chicken/corn chowder.  Then on to the dessert at Tania's - and I did a lot of resisting here except for the fruity vodka holiday drink.  Oops.  Definitely some empty calories there.

Today was breakfast out (if I tell you gravy was involved, you know there were no produce points).  Lunch was a half sandwich and a couple of chips.  Dinner was out with my sisters-in-law at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I got a big salad, but it did have a fair bit of fried chicken pieces on it.  Better than nothing green though, right? 

But tomorrow is a new day.  Weather might be warm enough for a run.  It was pretty sunny today, but I was lazy.  Plus my daughter had a friend over while my husband and son went to the gun range so I couldn't leave the house.  Also hope to get my butt to the Y in the next couple of days and get our membership set up.  Haven't been on a bike in a while.  Not really meeting my winter goals.

My sis emailed me about another tri she wants to do in July 2012.  I thought she wanted to do it instead of a return to Pewaukee, but she said in addition to it.  She said she'd heard good things about the course and it is for a good cause (Children's Hospital).  So I guess we'll have to figure out when our family is going to WI this summer.  There is a kids' race my daughter will want to do on Saturday at both events.  I guess my son will have to figure out if he is interested or not.  The distances get longer for him this year as he'll be 11.  Also, Stacy FB'd me a link about the KC Warrior Dash in May.  It is the same weekend as another tri I want to do, but Ultramax events is doing their Mud Run (similar style race) Sept 1 and she seemed game for that instead so I might do my first crazy race next year!  Most of the Ultramax events are now up for registration with discounts if you register before 1/15 so I guess that will shoot the rest of Santa's budget.

In other news: tomorrow morning the judge will enter the order for instructions for settling my dad's estate (FINALLY - its been 18 months!).  That will release about $10K of my money that has been tied up (not money I inherited, but money I had to put into HIS house to keep the bank at bay, insured, cleaned up and maintained to get it sold; money that I needed to get back because the sale gave the money to the estate!).  What a mess!  So my Christmas wish of finally being able to close out this paperwork and order his headstone should be granted soon.  I feel like it has left the wound of his loss very open and I'm so pleased to finally start the healing process.  Part of me wishes I could just blow a little of this money we haven't been missing too badly on a new bike.  But that isn't the practical side that will probably just make sure all our bills continue to get paid.

Better get myself headed towards bed soon.  Here's to another 100 posts!


  1. Woot woot! Congrats on number 100!!!

    And you are right - Tomorrow is a new day. Hit up that food journal, woman. haha

  2. Congrats on the 100th post

  3. Congratulations on the 100th post!! :)