Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Drive, Visit, Drive, Workout!

Got up kind of late today after a less than stellar night of sleep.  Husband was off to work pre-dawn, but kids and I had until about 8:30 to get out the door.  Took most of the time between waking and leaving to actually be ready to go.  Spent just under 3 hours in car (stopping for gas, pee, snack and soda break in Sedalia).  Got to my aunt's in Leawood, KS in time to visit a bit before lunch was served.  My sis and her crew showed up shortly after us.  We visited, ate a huge lunch (ham, potatoes, salad, green beans, garlic bread, jello salad dessert stuff).  I was STUFFED!  Kids went to watch a movie.  We talked about stuff related to settling my grandfather's estate.  We talked about other random, less important stuff.  Kids reappeared towards the end of the afternoon and we said our goodbyes and headed into KC rush hour traffic (which thankfully wasn't that bad given the holiday week).  Daughter slept a good chunk of the ride back to Sedalia where we hit a McD's for the kids' dinner (they didn't eat nearly as much at lunch as I did), pee stop, etc.  Got back on the highway and made it home just before 8. 

Long day in the car and my dad's sister was not the only "aunt" I saw today - gee fun.  My back was hurting/cramping - time in car or period, you pick.  But when Stacy called and my son answered my cell, I told him to tell her that 8ish would be fine for a workout.  She showed up just after we got home and I threw on some workout clothes and thanked the workout gods for her pushing me when I may have just sat on the couch otherwise.  She brought a stack of P90X DVDs and asked what I was up for.  NOT Plyo - ugh - took me three days to recover last week.  So we chose CardioX (45 min or so, which did have some plyo, but lots of other stuff) and Ab Ripper X (16 min which I think I may regret tomorrow).  She left about 9:30 and I started catching up on my blog reading.

Tomorrow, the tentative plan is to hit the Y pool.  My first swim in like 3 weeks.  Yikes!  But would do the body good to loosen up all the tight stuff.


  1. Just found your site and hope you had a very merry christmas!! keep up the great work in 2012!!

  2. Great job on getting the workout done! I would find it hard to workout after being in the car all day!

  3. Squeezing in workouts during the holidays has been the only thing keeping me sane, though I don't think it's counteracting all the cookies and chex mix! I just swam for the first time in 3 months!

  4. Nice job doing a workout instead of hitting the couch!!

  5. Nice job getting a workout in when it would have been so much easier to veg out! My wife and daughter did some of that P90X stuff. She was sore a lot!