Sunday, December 4, 2011

Eating, drinking and dancing

Not sure where/when they will post the chip timing results from the Jingle Bell Run.  Not really all that worried about it as I know it wasn't a PR since I hung back to cheer on my friend's 1st grader.  Yesterday ended with the Meyer Electric Christmas party.  Even though my husband is technically laid off, they sent us an invite (which normally comes in a paycheck).  Hey - a free meal is a free meal. 

We got there on the early side and used our two drink tickets to have a couple of cocktails (liquid calories that tasted lovely - luckily they weren't very big).  Before long, it was time for dinner.  I loaded up the plate trying to focus on filling it with some vegetables besides the mashed potatos that I LOVE. I had a big helping of green beans, CA medley and salad along with the stuffed chicken breast and mashed potatoes/gravy and roll.  The pie didn't really call my name so I had another small helping of mashed potatos and green beans for dessert.  I felt FULL!  Undid the morning run.  Oops.  Husband picked up a gift card to Best Buy and a gift card to Outback Steakhouse as door prizes.  We still haven't made a date night to use LAST year's gift card (Olive Garden).  We really have to work on getting out more!

Today wasn't a stellar food day either.  Church had a pancake and sausage breakfast.  I only had two of each so I wasn't crazy full.  Then we put up our Christmas tree (will have to add a picture later).  Kids kind of ran out of steam at the end and the back side of the tree doesn't have a lot of ornaments.  And the front has some that are bunched together.  I'll redistribute and take a pic soon.  Then we sent the kid to work on their rooms (daughters was a PIT!).  She made some serious progress while I read part of the paper and a few blogs.  Then we headed down to my husband's extended family's parish fall supper (man, these Catholics can EAT!)  I tried again not to load up on too much of the fattening goodness making sure to have plenty of the green beans in addition to the mashed potatos (which I don't count in HBBC points since they are carbs more than veggies).  One piece of fried chicken and one piece of pie. 

Alyssa and Stacy apparently were busy baking cookies and drinking wine while I was gone.  Stacy texted me to be at Alyssa's at 8:00 to work out.  Apparently Alyssa didn't confirm or deny if that was ok.  So we showed up and she had just gotten up from a 90 min nap (apparently after Stacy left, she passed out - oops, too much wine).  So we came back to my house and did a little over an hour of Just Dance 2.  Stacy wasn't feeling too well either after all the wine and cookies and Mexican out with her family.  Yikes!  But it was good to get our groove on and sweat a little.

Need to go add up my HBBC points for last week and get them entered.  Better do that so I can shower and get to bed.  Lots of work to do tomorrow.  Hope you all had a great weekend.  Can't wait to read all the race reports!

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