Sunday, November 6, 2011

Met the TT1 Guys!!

So I don't know what happened to the rest of last week.  I just was in a bit of a mental funk or something and didn't get my act together after a really good start to the week.  Did a little blog reading and commenting, but not much else.  Then this morning I woke up and realized I hadn't checked in on those amazing Team Type 1 guys and their Run Across America.  OMG!  I almost missed them!  Thankfully, they had just hit Missouri late last night.  So I checked around on their FB page and a couple blogs and got ahold of the team "mom" Karen this afternoon and made arrangements to catch up with them in Pilot Grove, MO.

I got there about 7:40 PM - just after the last of the runners had come in for an eating break.  So I got to meet ALL of them!!  Karen took pics that she said she'd email me, but I already have some proof - check out the awesome autographed water bottle!!

(Oops - no idea how to rotate this stupid thing).

They also gave me a t-shirt that I can wear to show my support.  I'm so stinking excited!  They were all wonderful hosts of my little groupie moment.  I told them about my dad and they shared funny stories from the road (some diabetic and some not).  One story was about how they chose who would run first when starting a new leg.  I asked if it was "Rock, Paper, Scissors".  Nope - highest blood sugar wins.  Loved it!  Another was about the newer technology of blood glucose monitoring that is real time (takes it every 5 min and sends it to a readout on a pager like thing).  They set the range they want to be in and there is an alarm that goes off if they are out of that range.  Not everyone uses this, but apparently the other night everyone in the van had them going off and it was like some kind of weird symphony.  Time to slurp up some more of Karen's cooking!

I love their spirit!  What an amazing group of men!  Even if we were just standing in the parking lot of "Becky's Burgers and Cones" (which was closed of course).  So no excuses - tomorrow I have business in Columbia so it will be a swim day.  Back on the wagon again.  Because if 10 guys with diabetes can run across America, then by golly I can get off my backside and walk/run my 3 miles!

Here is the ROUTE- if they are coming near you it is totally worth going to meet these guys!  I was fortunate that it was a pretty short drive for me (hour each way - could have been a little shorter, but they are hitting Columbia in the middle of the night).  Their next stop is in St. Louis - but your guess is as good as mine as to when.  The tracker tool is a little off though based on cell tower locations.  Had them a little further up the road than they were tonight.