Sunday, November 27, 2011

Indulgent Saturday + Minor Redemption Sunday

Yesterday was a lazy day.  It rained and turned pretty cold nearly all day.  It was also my husband's 39th birthday (first one).  We got up and puttered around the house, doing some laundry and the like.  Husband got donuts - I had one, but then a banana to keep from having another.  For lunch, he wanted a DQ Blizzard.  I resisted, but had a cheeseburger so I'm not sure it mattered (though I skipped soda and fries so it could have been worse).  He napped over the afternoon while I lazed looking through blogs and watching a worthless movie on Netflix (for the record, how do you get a bunch of talented actors to do such a lousy script?). 

Later we headed out for dinner toward the end of the MU-KU game (Way To Go Mizzou!).  As the Tigers finished off the Jayhawks, we sat down in Colton's and ordered dinner.  I had another burger (only ate half) and a side salad (instead of fries - although with the dressing it may have been a wash).  I did eat my share of pre-meal peanuts (throwing the shells on the floor = good fun), a few bites of the onion straw appetizer my husband ordered, two of those decadent rolls and drank a Wild West Fling that was so fruity and yummy!

Needless to say, my "Sunday morning naked weight" was up.  Oh, did I mention the non-existence of exercise on Saturday?  So I vowed to drink some water (not hard with a little cotton mouth) and eat a little better today.  After mass, breakfast was a leftover roll and an apple.  Lunch was really just a snack (rice krispy treat - oops).  Dinner was another batch of that awesome stir fry (red onion, mushrooms, red and green peppers, zuchinni).  I'm still a little hungry so I'll probably have something else small and then a big glass of water.  My husband and I went for our usual 2 mile+ walk tonight even though it was in the 30's and a little windy.  I really need some long underwear!  But my core and hands were warm by the end so it wasn't that bad.  Nice to get out and spend some quiet time with him.  And good to get moving when it was another pretty lazy day.  We'll see if any of this was "redemption" for the overindulgence of the previous days and what my "Monday morning naked weight" is tomorrow. 

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  1. Great food journaling, woman! Burger mania, eh? haha. I hope your Monday Morning Naked Weight is all you are hoping for..or less!