Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Swim, Salad and More

I managed to track down a City employee to help me get the information I needed for a project up in Columbia today.  More than one actually!  And although I disagreed with what they want my client to provide, I think I've found a way to do it that won't cost too many arms and legs.  Just frustrated because the City is going so far above and beyond the federal requirements. 

So it was great to go to the ARC afterwards and zone out in the water for about 40 min.  Unfortunately, all the lanes were taken (x2 people per lane) so I had to chill for about 5 after getting there (and think about the fact that I didn't shave my legs - oops).  Then a couple guys finished up and gave me a spot.  I got to swim with the old lady that couldn't swim straight (stay on her side of the line) and was doing frog kick back strokes.  Dodged most of her kicks, but UGH!  First 100 yds felt pretty strong.  Many after that felt pretty hard.  Started trying to focus on some drills and it seemed to get a little better.  After froggy grandma got out and another guy got in, I wrapped up another 400 yards or so and decided I'd had it.  It wasn't overall that sucky of a swim, but I just didn't have my heart in it (and I was drooling over the guy's swimp3 player in the next lane - oh, the guy only did like 15 min of swimming - really?  you needed music for that?).

Came back to my friend's office and ate an entire bag of salad (3 servings, but even with a little cheese and dressing was like 400 calories).  Did a little more work this afternoon and headed back for home to catch up with my husband and kids.  Fixed dinner (spaghetti - does marinara sauce count as a veggie?) and then I met up with Alyssa to register for the pie run.  Score - by going tonight it was only $20 and we got a long sleeve tech tee with our bib number and timing chip.  Yay!

Today I am thankful for:
- helpful City employees who scan and email maps in color and don't charge me
- getting to swim since April on the same $84 pool pass at the ARC (one visit left!)
- bagged salad
- carbo loading
- my first long sleeve tech tee
- low race entry fees

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