Sunday, November 20, 2011

Not one damn point

What a waste of a day.  After mass, I took my son down to meet my husband and daughter about 30 min away at a Knights of Columbus country ham breakfast (that's the super salty kind - bet the weigh in tomorrow will be lovely - and of course it was served with biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs).  Then we drove down to the farm and loaded up my daughter's stuff and some of my husband's dirty laundry. We visited with the uncles a little while and went home a little after noon.  Did a little laundry and seriously chilled the rest of the day.  Kids played with their cousins for a while, I surfed the internet and all was calm.  For dinner, we did a frozen pizza and called it good.  And since I don't buy into the goverment's belief that "pizza" and "vegetable" are equal - that means not one damn point towards the HBBC.  Because although I had time to, I failed to get off my couch today.  It was cool and drizzly and I just didn't want to.

A few commented on my crotch discomfort from yesterday on my relatively long, windy bike ride.  It was very temporary and abated (for the most part) quickly after getting off the bike.  It is just is odd because only the other day I had noted to myself how cool it was that I don't have a lot of discomfort riding anymore (like in the beginning) and so it struck me as odd that I felt like a newbie again yesterday.  Maybe it was because it was a longer ride than I've taken for a while.  Maybe it was the general discomfort of fighting the wind.  Maybe I was just feeling a bit more whiney yesterday.  Who knows.  I'm really trying to figure out how to invest in a better bike (road or tri vs. mountain), but my husband is off work again and I know spending for Christmas is going to be tight yet again this year.  But I don't see a lot of point in doing a lot of investing in my current bike so I guess I'll just try to "toughen up".  But I appreciate the thoughts on the matter.  Didn't want anyone to worry.

Work is going to be busy again tomorrow.  Hope I can squeeze in something later in the day.  Might depend on if my husband comes home tomorrow evening (and when).  Technically Tue is the last day of deer season (rifle), but he acted like he might give up.  Hasn't seen much the last day or two.  I would really appreciate him being home.  After all those night shifts and now deer season, I'm ready to get back to some semblance of "normal". 


  1. See, I don't see your day as a waste... it was quality family time! :)

    Sending you a (hug) and hoping you have a good week!

  2. thank you so much for your comment about my father in law : )

  3. I agree with Colleen, family time is priceless