Saturday, November 19, 2011

Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge

Was reading up on this today after seeing it on Deb's blog.  Anything that will make me more accountable for eating more produce and getting in more exercise during this crazy holiday season is a GOOD thing!  So I went right to the Run to the Finish blog and signed up for the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge and signed right up.  It seemed like I was a "late entry", but truthfully I was right on the line as it started today.  So I signed up as a "Builder" since I'm still such a newbie on the running thing. 

Now I just have to try to figure out how to put the picture in my sidebar.  I'm such a blogger newbie too!  I'll put it here for now:

Good luck to all who have entered.  I don't hold out a lot of hope of winning anything, but I'm hoping it helps me get through this holiday season with possibly losing a few pounds instead of packing on a bunch.