Monday, October 31, 2011

Hello Mr. Shark

Time was a little tight with having to be back at the kids' school at 2 PM for Halloween parties, but I managed to get in a 40+ min swim in at the ARC.  And I felt pretty good while doing it!  I did some drills (almost exclusively catch up drills plus a couple rounds of fist) and counted some strokes (I might be down a stroke or two from last time).  In general, I was feeling on the slow side, but strong.  Overall, not bad for not swimming for two weeks due to being sick last week (and the pool I use being 40 min drive away).  Nice to see Mr. Shark make a brief appearance.

Kids are all psyched up for trick-or-treating tonight.  They had fun at their school parties and dressing up today for "crazy day" (they don't get to wear costumes at their school, but get to dress silly).  My son decided he was "dressed crazy" because he was wearing three different camo patterns.  Cracked me up!  My daughter was all mismatched and clashing (turquoise plaid shorts, tie dye shirt, one Halloween sock of mine and a purple Hello Kitty sock of hers and a Hanna Montana wig that has seen better days).  Tonight, he is pretty much wearing the same thing and going as "soldier" (his standard getup) and my daughter is going as a rodeo cowgirl.  Now to stay out of all their treats!

Weather is supposed to be warmer tomorrow so I think it will be a bike day.