Monday, October 10, 2011

Peek at the shark

Hit the ARC today for the last 40-45 minutes of lap swim before their 1:30-3:00 maintenance shutdown (every day?  really?).  I had to share a lane for about 3/4 of the swim, but both were good lane partners.  No biggie.  The water was a little cooler than it has been the last few times which is good because I swear last week I felt like I was sweating while swimming and that isn't fun (plus it tends to fog the goggles more - really need to get me some anti-fog stuff - what do you use?).  I started out feeling pretty strong - thinking I might have caught a glimpse of my inner shark.  I must have gone out a little too hard though as I started feeling tired and slow in the middle and then felt a little better towards the end (better form?).  I tried to count laps, but my mind wandered as I tired and then I tried to count again towards the end, but only got to 7 when they blew the whistle to get out (a couple min early even!).  I must have swam kind of hard as I felt a little woozy getting out and feel pretty tired this evening.

I did take a picture of the pool as I am going to try to do a "day in the life" as discussed on SUAR's blog.  I forgot this morning, but can recreate it tomorrow morning as getting lunches packed and kids off to school is about the same every day.  Something to look forward to - although my days aren't that exciting.

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  1. Great job on the swim! I really need to get back to the pool but that is a couple of weeks out. I use spit in my googles to keep them from fogging. I know that sounds gross but it really works. Spit in them and then do a quick rinse in the pool.

    Have a great day!