Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walmart 5K (not a race)

Nope - just like last week's "Brownie 5K" this is just a way to remember where I went.  I live right at about 1.5 miles from my local Walmart.  The route between here and there has sidewalk all but part of my street (the older section).  My neighbor told me that it is right at about a 5K and this morning I check it on Map My Ride and from my driveway to Walmart's back driveway (into the vehicle service area) and back is indeed 3.1 miles (yay!).  And it has some slight inclines and one bigger hill on the return so I don't get to just coast through flat terrain.  Plus, it is along collector and arterial streets so no safety worries mid-day.

Unfortunately, waiting until midday made it a little bit warm, but I wanted to get a project out the door this morning before I'm gone the rest of the week so que sera sera.  It wasn't that bad - 78° and 52% humidity with almost no wind (S 3 mph).  I warmed up with a 10 min brisk walk and stretched in front of Scholastic's office and then tried to run 60 sec/walk 60 sec until I was almost home.  I had to go 30/30 a few times and 30-90 a couple times (hill), but it wasn't too bad.  I also walked the end to try to cool down a little.  Still managed to do the 5K in just slightly over what I did it two weeks ago in a race (43 min instead of 42 - didn't include stretch time).  Go me!

Tomorrow is a long travel day - up at ass crack of dawn and drive to Chesterfield (St. Louis burb) for a conference all day, vendor/networking event until 7 and then back towards the airport to stay the night so I'm going to take it as a rest day.  If time/energy and hotel accomodations allow, I'll try to get in a short workout Thur morning.  Otherwise I'll just walk around the airport before my flight and then tons of walking I'm sure in Chicago.  Not dragging a laptop with me so I'll probably be incommunicado until Sunday.  Have a great week!

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