Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kona Inspiration

This last week started out pretty strong even with the ATV accident, but one rest day midweek turned into a complete losing of my motivation (and 3 more rest days - ack!)  But yesterday, as I was totally was being reinspired by the awesomeness that is IronmanLive in Kona!  Although the technology was giving me some fits, I loved every live blog update and each second of video.

I can't believe so few bloggers have said much about the incredible races yesterday.  Julie Dibens rocking out the bike with a huge lead over Chrissie at one point and then I come back from going out to dinner and she isn't even in the race anymore?  And Rinny chasing Chrissie down and trying to close that last few minute gap at the end?  Crowie totally setting a course record by 12 seconds?  Over 1000 racers (including an awful lot of crazy fast age groupers - including one CMC gal!!  Yay Jackie!) going sub-11.  Just too much awesomeness for one day!

And to add motivation to this incredible inspiration, CMC took their SIXTH national club championship in Myrtle Beach yesterday!  Way to go!  I hope to someday feel worthy of toeing the starting line with you.  I had briefly thought about it this year, but I wouldn't have contributed much in points given my severe newbie status, but the course looked so awesome and CMC has such great support and sponsorship for this race.  Maybe next year!  Just too much travel already scheduled for this week for me.

So before the sun sets today I will get out there and get a nice long bike ride in.  Have a meeting in Columbia tomorrow so there will be a swim.  No excuses.  No laziness.  This week has got to go better!

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  1. IM Kona always inspires that crap out of me! I love that race.