Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jog for Cause 5K + Functional Fitness

Got up and moving this morning to head out to a little local race to raise a little money for breast cancer research (a fundraising team entitled "Save the Wonder Twins" - love it!).  This was organized by a friend of a friend and it is just a couple exits down the highway from my house which are the two reasons I chose it over the other races in the area today.  It was also super duper cheap ($15 if you paid by early bird deadline) and that included a T-shirt.  I wanted to establish a 5K time without my 7 year old affecting the time so I went alone.  I only knew one other person in the race (which kind of surprised me) and then the one gal that was one of the organizers.  Should definitely recruit some other friends for my next 5K!

Jog for the Cause started at the Taos, MO, Knights of Columbus hall, ran down to/into/out of Bradford Court, back down Hwy M to the park entrance and then down the long driveway of the park to the finish "chute"/flags.  There was awesome law enforcement (sheriff) support to control traffic and one little water station about half way through by the church.  Weather remained sunny and gorgeous even if a little cool (44° when I left the house - brr).

I'll have to double check, but I think the official time was 42:05 for just over a 13:34 min/mile pace.  The first mile was much stronger (more flat/downhill and got a little caught up in the starting line energy) with a 12:07 split (according to my cheapo Walmart watch) with the 2nd mile slowing way down (much more going up hill) to about 15:30 with the 3rd mile picking a little back up (mostly because I wanted to be done, but there was a pretty good downhill too) to about 13:30 and then I tried to run it in!  I came in 60th overall out of about 140 walkers/runners.  So even though it was mostly walkers behind me, I'll call that a top 45% finish.  When you are slow as shit, it don't take much to set a new PR!

Oh, and of course there were a few of those asshat runners that ran the course backwards, talked about doing another 5, 7, 10, etc miles afterwards to get in their training for half-mary's/full mary's, etc.  Like I don't feel bad enough about a 42 min 5K to have their incredible fitness rubbed in my face.  Oh, and the guy in a Boston Marathon t-shirt.  Yeah..those types.  LOL

Rushed off after grabbing a half bagel and banana at the end to catch my son's football game only to find out they had changed the schedule and the game was later.  Oh well, got to wash my face and grab a folding chair to take out to the field.  Hung out while my nephew's team finished getting their butts kicked and then while our team battled it out for a 18-12 win so they are now 1-1-1.  Then we all went out to lunch and ate too much (ugh - I should really learn). 

I came home and gathered my things to run an errand. The "functional fitness" part of my day was putting my library book, ID, and phone in a little backpack and heading out to the library on my bike.  It is 8+ miles round trip and I didn't try to push speed, but did manage to ride up a couple of the ugly hills between here and there.  Had to walk the one on Doehla on the ride back because I couldn't get my bike to downshift and lost momentum trying to get it done.  It is a short hill so I just walked it up and then rode the rest of the way home.  I did the whole trip in about an hour including locking up the bike to return the book, find and check out two more.  I took Kovas's suggestion and picked up "Run Like a Girl" and then a few others who said "Born to Run" was an interesting read.  Both were on shelf so yeehah for that.

Tomorrow will be a long day with probably about 30 miles on a charity ATV ride down near Freeburg, MO.  The weather appears to be holding and the beginning of fall color should be gorgeous through there.  We'll see a lot of my husband's extended family so should be a great day. 

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  1. Despite the fact that that guy may have run Boston, I'd say it's a bit of a faux pas to actually wear the t-shirt to a local 5K, like wearing white after Labor Day or a Tuxedo to a Friday evening wedding.