Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Swim Tue - Wuss Wed

Given I wasn't ready for the meeting I had with a client this morning, I didn't get around to writing this last night as I was hastily prepping for it.  But in between everything yesterday, I snuck in a very quick 30 min swim.  I had full intentions of following a "workout plan", but I wasn't really mentally "there" enough.  I got to the ARC with only 35 minutes before they closed for afternoon maintenance of the pool.  Grr...should have left the office earlier. 

So I literally stripped in one motion and yanked on my suit in another and ran from the locker room with 30 min to swim.  I think this made me feel rushed the whole workout.  And I was thinking about all the other stuff I needed to do throughout the afternoon/evening - serious lack of focus.  I did a quick warmup (like 5 min tops - 200 yards or so) and then tried to count my strokes on each lap.  Is it awful that I was having a hard time counting?  First 25 yards, I struggled to decide whether to count each arm stroke or every other stroke (full cycle) - all while trying to count and swim at the same time.  Yep, maybe should have decided FIRST!  But I finally decided it was easier to count every other and just double it.  I averaged between 20-22 strokes per 25 yards. 

Then I tried to do some drills, but again seemed to have trouble coordinating my brain, strokes and breathing.  Did some catch up and catch ups with thumb scrapes (when I thought of it).  Tried some fist drills and felt like I was drowing.  I need to look at that one on a Youtube video again and see what I can do to correct the form.  I'm sure I wasn't doing it right.  Only did it for 50 yards.  I was not mentally in the game of the drills. 

So there were two younger guys in one of the lanes - one appearing to be teaching/coaching the other.  At the end, the "coach" told the "student" to swim the length of the lane as quickly as he could and then stop at the wall for one quick breath and turn around and hit it going back.  He had him do this several times.  All of the times I beat him across the pool (and this guy looked pretty buff so that made me feel pretty good).  I also noticed he was having to catch his breath longer than me.  Sometimes I'm pretty cool! :)  But time was up and I had to throw on my clothes and get going.

While my daughter was in Brownies last night, I had planned on working on the project for this morning, but one of the other moms was going for a walk around the school grounds and adjoining parking lot so I went with her.  She walked kind of slow (her phone said we were doing 18 min miles), but we did 2 miles while the girls did their crafts and so on.  Better than nothing and I only stayed up until about 10:45 after I was home to get the markups to the project made. 

Today I had the meeting in the morning.  It was postponed an hour after I was already at Kinkos making copies so I stopped in to look at some warmer workout clothes options at Target.  They had a really neat jacket I liked, but I wasn't as impressed with any of the other clothes I tried out.  It didn't get out of the 40's today and was super windy - too cold for the capris and shorts I have been wearing.  Since I started this journey in April, I haven't really dealt with this working out in this weather yet.  Maybe I'll go to the running store next time I'm in Columbia and see how much it will set me back to get appropriate gear.  I am sure coming up with a BIG list for Santa this year!

So the short story is that I had planned to try to get some kind of workout in while the boys had football practice tonight, but I wussed out due to the cold/wind/impending darkness and instead settled in with a nice bowl of soup at Panera while finishing the last of "Run Like a Girl" (a thoroughly enjoyable read btw).  But now I gotta figure out how to get in a workout tomorrow.  I haven't rode my bike for well over a week.  And of course, I'm overdue for some housework too and I now have to dodge my husband's daytime sleeping schedule.  Guess this next few weeks will just have to fit in the "do what you can" category. 


  1. Do your best when it comes to getting your workouts completed. If you can only do 20 mins then enjoy those 20 mins. In time things will change and you will be able to do workouts more consistently. That is how I try and think about it when I am getting overwhelmed!

  2. The fact is you did it, one of my favorite new sayings is "no matter how slow you go, your still lapping everyone on their couch"

  3. Ahh Missouri winters can make working out so hard....we moved from KC two years ago and I'm not looking forward to going back to that!!