Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brownie 5K+/-

I really wasn't feeling it today.  My mood was crappy and I felt like snacking all day.  I didn't get much work done.  I was just blah!  Hello PMS!  I was feeling slightly less physically sore and beat up, but wasn't excited about getting in a workout.  Then I noticed that it was Brownie meeting night.  So I thought to myself "No excuses! Shut up and walk/run already!"  My 7 year old daughter's Brownie Girl Scout meetings are an hour long and held at our church/school.  No reason I can't spend most of that time on the sidewalks.

I decided to mix it up and take a different route.  One of the other moms took a walk in the same general direction, but at a much slower pace and shorter planned distance so I didn't stay with her past the first intersection.  Instead I headed off at a brisk walk and broke into a jog at the 5 min mark.  I alternated some walking and jogging doing a loop through Lincoln University campus and back up towards church.  The problem was it was getting kind of dark towards the end and the campus isn't in the greatest neighborhood.  Note to self - don't go this way again.  I mapped it tonight (roughly) and it was right at about 3 mi. 

I felt pretty strong for part of the time, but the last part sucked because my shins were starting to argue with me.  I was in the last few blocks anyway so I just decided it was time to cool down by returning to a brisk walk.  Got back and did some stretching while chatting with the other moms as the girls had their snack.  Then came home and stretched some more and did some core work while watching some Biggest Loser.  Been a while since I've done much of that - it was much easier this time.  I really need to incorporate more strength work in general. 


  1. Core work. Strength training. Me too :( Time to get on it, I guess. LOL

  2. Core work and strength training are on my schedule in November! I am going to hit it hard. I love doing that in the winter!

    Great job on using your time!