Monday, October 17, 2011

T Walk/Run

Today started out cool and cloudy.  I was also needing to catch up on nearly a week of blog reading work and thought it would be better to get something done before going out for a bike ride.  Well, one thing led to another and it never happened.  It did rain (something I haven't had to work around much the last several weeks), but then stopped about the time the kids got home from school.  They had a lot of stuff to supervise finishing so I took a break from "work" and skipped the bike ride as the weather was pretty dark.

My husband left for his crappy night shift and I took my daughter with me to the grocery store and came home still hoping to fit in a workout.  After some supper that I should have eaten before I left, I decided I would go for a walk/run even though it was dark.  My daughter wasn't keen on being home with her brother so I told her she could go with me.  Two steps out the door and she sees lightening in the distance and says she doesn't want to go after all - and doesn't want me to go.  So we settled on that I would only run while it wasn't raining and wouldn't be far from the house.  So I ran down our little street (only 3 houses deep, but all hill), around the cul-de-sac bulb, then back up, then down to the right to where the sidewalk ends and then back to the intersection and down to the end of our property (we own two deep lots).  I did this weird little T four times in about 30 min.  Turns out each one is a little over a 0.5 mile and includes 85' of climbing.  But my daughter was happy as it did start to rain on my last T and I could come right in.  Better than sitting on the couch I suppose. 

Today I also turned over a new leaf on my eating.  I have really been slacking on this lately - having soda whenever I'm feeling sluggish, eating too many carbs by justifying the fact that I need energy for workouts, rarely seeing a real vegetable on my plate.  Just not good!  So today I stuck with water (even though I had a wicked headache this afternoon - caffeine withdrawal?).  I also wrote it all down with notes about the what, when, where, how and why.  Just not wanting to write down that I ate or drank something awful is a big help!  We'll see if this helps move the scale over the next couple of weeks.


  1. Today is the day that I have decided to work on my nutrition and what I eat as well. Here's to us conquering our demons!

  2. Everyone has a period of when they ate not as good as they should, its hard not too, but we can all get back on track as easy as well fell off the wagon