Monday, October 24, 2011

Lungs hurt - not from workout

I felt it coming on all weekend, but by last night and certainly this morning it was here.  What was just a little tickle and light cough yesterday has made me feel super crappy today.  I don't know whether it is because the weather turned back super warm this weekend or if the drainage from my allergies finally got the better of me or what, but my lungs hurt like I ran a long way except that I ran all of about 100 yards yesterday.  And my stomach feels like it is still digesting the food I ate yesterday and what little I've consumed today - nausea is no fun!

I haven't really been sick much of the last 6 months so it has kind of thrown me for a loop.  I'm hoping this is short lived.  I did have some tea this morning (w/ lemon and honey), a little bit of Emergen-C (that nearly had me throwing up my light breakfast) and some chicken soup for lunch.  Please Lord don't let my husband get it - nor the kids.  I'll power through, but I only want to have to take care of me.  Especially since my dear husband found out that instead of 6x12's (night shifts) this week it is 7.  No rest for the weary - so he really can't afford to be sick. 

Yesterday I did get in a pretty good long walk with a bunch of Brownies (Girl Scouts) putting flyers out for our "Trick or Treat for Cans" that is planned for Friday.  Even ran with one mom up a steep hill (although I petered out before her).  Better than no workout I suppose.

The up side of feeling crappy today is that I laid in bed for part of the day letting work slide for the most part.  I enjoyed finishing "Born to Run".  Now if I can get myself back in the saddle to return my books via bicycle again.

How do you handle when sickness gets in the way of your workout plans?  At one point of "on the mend" do you suck it up and power through a workout?


  1. I am the wrong person to ask about workouts and sickness. I have to be pretty close to my death bed before I stop working out. That is not necessarily good!

    I am so sorry that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. I hope you get better soon

    The general rule, if its in above your shoulders, its ok to workout, if its below your shoulders, then you should just rest till your better