Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quick bike ride w/ my girl

With my husband still working crazy long night shifts and trying to sleep during the day, my kid-free time is really limited.  So tonight I made the best of it and took my 7 year old daughter with me on my first post-sickness bike ride.  I pedaled ahead of her a little bit and, as she tired near the midway point, I went quickly ahead and turned around to come back to her.  She must have been hungry or tired or both - she was much more whiney than on past rides - cried after part of one hill.  The sun was starting to set and it was getting cooler (note to self - she doesn't belong with me on the anything much colder than 60°).  So I told her to catch her breath - gave her a drink - and suck it up and ride home.  I didn't make her add any extra distance since she was obviously not in the mood.  So it was pretty short and sweet - 5 miles in about 30 min.  Better than nothing.

I discussed the YMCA membership with my husband.   He thought it would be pretty good for the coldest months - for both me and the kids.  So I'll probably going to try to suck it up without it another 2-4 weeks, but then for December - March do the Y membership (even though I'll have to pay the $100 joining fee for not signing a contract for a year).  So I think I'm going to punt the trainer purchase for now.  So many other things to save up for.

And can't let the day go by without saying:  HOW ABOUT THOSE CARDINALS??  YEE HAW!!!  What a bunch of great games to watch this last week!  Wahoo!!  Way to win the World Series!

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