Monday, October 3, 2011

A little beat up...but swam anyway

I definitely felt some of the 11+ miles of my Saturday in my legs that night as I lay in bed.  And I expected that there would be a little more stiffness on Sunday evening after sitting on an ATV for several hours on Sunday (plus you do engage some core as you manage balance on some rough terrain).  But what I didn't count on was my son flipping us over about 15-20 min into the day-long ride. 

He has been driving our Honda Recon alone and with a parent for a while now, but he mostly is in open pasture and this was much more technical going through woods and ditches.  He didn't gear down and spun going up an embankment from a ditch.  Then he panicked and hit the throttle instead of just braking and yelling for help (my husband was right in front of us and another UV was right behind us).  This is a pretty light machine and not 4WD.  So, in slow motion, the whole thing flipped over on top of us.  Thankfully, the rack on the back took some of the weight of the machine off me, but I had part of my son's 119 lbs and part of the machine's weight and all of my weight pressing my left arm/shoulder/hip into the rocks and mud.  My son's left hand/knuckles got trapped under the handlebar, but we laid there for mere seconds before my husband got us free and helped us up.  My daughter (who was riding with her dad) was hysterical, but my son and I were both kind of stunned.  We were just glad to be basically ok - just a few bumps, bruises and scrapes.

The ATV started right back up and I drove it the rest of the morning while my son rode with his dad.  As we continued on, I got a little teared up thinking about how much worse it could have been.  He drove again a little bit after lunch, but let me take control on a few more inclines.  I was proud of him for not letting it get him down.  We both were feeling a little beat up last night so we iced his hand some more and I took some ibuprofen.  I woke up a lot last night as I found new places that were sore every time I moved in bed.  The only visible marks are a big bruise on my arm and some scrapes/small bruise on my back.  I had a jacket tied around my waist that cushioned a little of the blow to my left hip, but I can feel the soreness deeper in (no visible bruise).

But today I wanted to work out some of the stiffness in my left shoulder and had to come to Columbia for business anyway so I went to get my swim in at the ARC.  I didn't feel particularly fast most of the time and some of it outright stunk.  But I got through it.  I figured that was OK for today.  Forty minutes - probably barely 1500 yards - win some, lose some.  If my husband is up for it, might take a short walk after dinner.  If not, I won't be all that bummed to just chill.


  1. Wow, I am glad everyone is OK, that is scary

  2. That is very scary! I am so glad that no one was hurt seriously. I am sending you and your son healing vibes!