Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Semi-sucky Swim

Breakfast with my friends was nice.  I got to listen to some lovely speakers talk about all of the great things that the Girl Scouts do.  I pretty much knew, but they had some moving stories from our area.  It is one of many times I wished our financial picture was more stable to allow more generous giving. 

Worked a little on a project at a friend's office and then headed over to catch the last hour of lap swimming at the ARC.  It was super quiet today - one guy finishing up in one lane shortly after I started and another lady finishing up shortly after that leaving just me swimming my laps with a bored lifeguard and one old lady walking against the current in the lazy river. 

To say that this swim was semi-sucky really is not 100% the truth.  It wasn't even that it sucked for any particular reason...I just wasn't all that excited about it.  Felt like I was just going through the motions.  I tried to focus on form, but I was feeling tired pretty quickly into it.  I watched the minutes slowly tick by and then pushed to finish kind of strong.  I guess 40 boring minutes in the pool is better than nothing.  Some days you just feel it and some days you don't.  Guess my "inner shark" just wasn't awake today.


  1. All of us have swims (or other training sessions) like that. Sometimes, you just don't feel it. Nice job on getting through it regardless. The shark will come back to visit soon!

  2. Pretty much all of my swims are semi-sucky, actually.