Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5K - Give or Take

Today was another beautiful day in central Missouri.  The sun was shining, the sky was so blue and the temps were perfect!  But I almost managed to miss it by working inside doing some research on stormwater treatment units for a client.  But with my daughter needing to go to Brownies tonight, so I thought - perfect!  I'll run from church/school until I think I've gone about 1.5 miles and turn around and go back.  Gotta make this all "fit" in my life and Brownies lasts about an hour (and I walk/jog slow).

A friend told me her house to church was about 1.5 miles and it is on the route I planned to take so I went a smidge past her house trying to make it a 5K (plus or minus).  It starts out with a long (±0.5 mi) downhill that I walked most of to warm up.  Then I did my "jog the chorus of the song" program - sometimes having to walk an extra chorus at the end and sometimes trying to push just a little further at the end of the chorus.  Unfortunately, Jefferson City has its fair share of hills and this route is no exception (East McCarty Street from basically Clark Lane to Landwehr Hills).  But I finished up.  Map My Ride said it was 3.03 mi, but my odometer said it was about 3.2 - so I'm going to call it about a 5K.  Yay me!

I recently lost my watch so I only have a vague idea of how long this took (40ish minutes - still oh, so slow).  As for the watch, I'm pretty heartbroken.  It is a gold watch my husband gave me as a wedding gift that I've worn nearly every moment of every day for over 16 years.  I still have hope it will turn up, but will probably stop by Walmart (hmmm...maybe jog there? it's just over the hill from our neighborhood) and pick up a cheap sports watch to hold me over as I hate looking down at my bare wrist only to remember the loss.

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  1. Sorry about the watch. That really sucks. Nice job on the run though! I used to use mapmyrun all the time before I got a garmin. Once you know a few routes, you don't have to do it all the time anymore.